Eddy current data acquisition and analysis just got a lot easier

Magnifi 3.3    Download Magnifi 3.3

Magnifi® is already the most comprehensive, stable, and reliable acquisition and analysis software for multitechnology surface and tube inspections.

Magnifi just got better. Much better.

Here's how.


The Setup Wizard

Magnifi 3.3 introduces a wizard that guides you through the inspection and probe configuration process so that you can start working in minutes!

Setup wizard


Unique Advanced Sizing Curves

The new sizing curves in Magnifi 3.3 can be displayed in terms of percentages of material loss or remaining, or in terms of various units of measurement, even your own custom set!


Sizing curves

Remote Controls

Magnifi 3.3 incorporates the capacity to program remote controls (foot pedals, for example, which allows you to trigger certain actions, such as starting acquisition, stopping acquisition, recording, and more.

Magnifi 3.3 remote controls


Drive TC7700 and MS5800

Magnifi 3.3 can drive TC7700s and MS5800s, as well as read most data files acquired with them for those of you not yet ready to upgrade your existing lineup of instruments.


Probe Database

Magnifi 3.3 also comes with a probe database containing all the standard Eddyfi probes. Configuring inspection for use with a specific probe has never been easier!


New Absolute Measurement Methods

Magnifi 3.3 also introduces a few new measurement methods to make conductivity and coating inspections easier.

Absolute measurement methods


Other Performance Improvements

Several other improvements were made over previous versions of Magnifi, most notably decreasing the lag between starting an acquisition and receiving data over 50%, and more fluid transitions between complex views such as 3D C-scans.


Visit the Magnifi page for more on the software or write to us for instructions on how to download the software. When you do, don't forget to specify the name of your company.