Magnifi® Software

The Most Advanced
Eddy Current Data
Acquisition and
Analysis Software

In today’s NDT world, Magnifi is simply the most comprehensive, stable, and reliable multi-technology acquisition and analysis software for surface and tube inspections.

Benefit 1 — Versatility

Magnifi is compatible with the most inspection technologies, the most instruments, and the most file formats. With such a tool at your fingertips, there’s almost no need to switch back and forth between several software anymore.

Benefit 2 — Guided Setup

The Magnifi setup wizard removes the need for high-level knowledge about NDT for a thorough and perfect setup. The setup wizard pilots you through all the necessary steps to achieve the best setup in the least amount of time.

Benefit 3 — Seeing Is Believing

C-scan imaging allows personnel without extensive ECT data analysis experience to view data from the probe and be confident about the inspection results.

Magnifi Showcase



  • Easy-to-use calibration systems covering channels, C-scans, sizing curves, landmarks, and IRIS.
  • Probe database includes all standard Eddyfi tubing and surface array probes, and allows creating custom probes.
  • Materials database is used by the setup wizard to recommend inspection frequencies. Easily add custom materials and share them with others.
  • Easier setup of all IRIS views combined and in real time (A-scan, C-scan, and projection).
  • Fully customizable layouts with backup, restore, and import functions.

Data Acquisition

  • Manage setups and data by projects and inspections.
  • Program digital inputs to perform remote-controlled software tasks such as balance, start/stop, clear screen, next file, etc.
  • Visualize your data as strip charts, Lissajous, voltage planes, 2D and 3D C-scans, 2D and 3D polar scans, A-scans, and projection views.

Data Analysis

  • Measure amplitude and phase automatically or manually with various measurement methods (peak-to-peak, maximum rate, absolute, etc.).
  • Create any number of sizing curves for channels and C-scans. Configure the curves to use any measurement units (mm, in., S/m, %IACS, custom, etc.).
  • Advanced processing capabilities include filters (HP, LP, median), scale, derivative, mixing, voltage plane, detect indication, detect landmark, and many more.
  • Advanced voltage plane display allows managing nominal points and monitoring normalizations. Synchronized with the differential channel.
  • Detect landmarks manually or automatically based on a landmark table, enabling accurate defect positioning.
  • Integrated screen capture feature enables capturing the entire screen, the window, or part of the Magnifi window.
  • Magnifi also supports various types of indication codes —defect, feature, or no indication — with the possibility of automatically adding comments to reports.
  • Select the column format when reporting. Double-click a defect code to reload analyzed data and export the results to TubePro, CARTO, TSD, and text files.
  • C-scan imaging comes with several color palettes for easier viewing.
  • C-scan subtraction cursors are capable of horizontal and vertical subtraction. You can also link the position to the main selector cursor.


  • Ectane 2, Ectane, TC7700, and MS5800 (excluding IRIS)
  • Linear, rotating, raster, and polar scans with single-channel and array probes
  • ECVision, EddyView: Magnifi can read data acquired with TC7700 and MS5800
  • MultiView: Magnifi can read data acquired with MS5800, excluding IRIS data
  • Dual use with Zetec’s UltraVision
  • Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit editions