Here is our collection of application notes illustrating a variety of situations where Eddyfi solutions were used with great success.

Surface Inspection

A More Efficient Method of Screening HRSG Tubes for Corrosion

Mitigating the Cost of not Knowing in Ships

Robotizing Eddy Current Array to Find Stress-Corrosion Cracks in Stainless Steel Canisters

Steam Traction Engine Boiler Inspection Challenge

Inspecting Lead-Clad Pipes with Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC)

Inspecting In-Service Storage Tank Annular Rings for Corrosion

Assessing Flow-Accelerated Corrosion in Hard-to-Reach Places

Detecting Incomplete Penetration in Friction-Stir Welds with Eddy Current

Keeping Pressure Vessels Safe with the Sharck  Probe

Finding Hydroforming-Induced Cracks in Pipe Liner Welds

Inspecting Laser Welds in Component Manufacturing

Inspecting for Cracks in Tight Places

Inspecting for Cracks in Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds

Detecting Cracks and Corrosion in Aircraft Longerons

Detecting Surface Cracking in Gears to Extend Their Useful Lives

Inspecting Turbine Dovetails with Eddy Current Array Technology

Detecting Corrosion in Aluminum with Eddy Current Array Technology

From Time-Based to Condition-Based Assessment: ECA in Reformer Tubes

Tubing Inspection

High-Performance IRIS Testing of Heat Exchanger Tubes

High-Speed Remote-Field Testing in Carbon Steel Tubing

Sizing Small Volumetric Defects in Fin-Fan Air Cooler Tubes

Twisted Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection with Eddy Current

Detecting Flaws in Condenser Tubing Welds

State-of-the-Art RFT— Meeting the Ferromagnetic Tube Challenge

Assessing Circumferential Cracking in Non-Ferromagnetic Heat Exchanger Tubes