Plants processing ammonia and other chemicals must remain safe at all times. Did you know that pulsed eddy current (PEC) can size corrosion under insulation, ice, and other coatings?

Lyft instrument and second-generation probes

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Advantages of Using Pulsed Eddy Currents for Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion under insulation and ice are some of the greatest problems faced wherever chemical processing systems are present. Pulsed eddy currents offer several advantages over other technologies when inspecting piping and pressure vessels.

The industry-leading electronics in the Eddyfi® Lyft® PEC system offer:

  • Real-time digital inspection results
  • Fast analysis
  • Traceability and digital archiving
  • No need for contact with the test surface
  • Inspections over coatings, linings, insulation, and weather jackets
  • Sizing corrosion and measuring wall thickness
  • No radiation
  • Inspections without access to both sides of test component


Lyft is a revolutionary solution for the chemical processing industry designed around PEC technology.

Reviewing existing pulsed eddy current solutions

  • Powerful embedded software
  • Light, portable instrument
  • Battery powered
  • Designed for IP65
  • User-friendly software interface

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