Inuktun – Inspection Robots: Pipeline Leaks

The Future of
Pipeline Inspections

Making sure the pipelines that serve the oil, gas, petrochemical, and many other industries are running at optimal performance is critically important but not always easy.

Until now, operators have had only one option, send people into the field to inspect for corrosion, leaks, structural damage, and wear and tear. Today, crawler robots and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) offer a way to inspect pipelines thoroughly, more frequently, and more affordably.


In this webinar (click on the watch video, in the top-right section), you’ll learn:

  • How modular robotic crawlers and UAV solutions provide remote visual inspections and non-destructive testing of in-service pipeline well pads.
  • How modular robotic crawlers and UAVs improve the safety and reduce the cost of inspecting confined space entry (CSE), limited access points, long distances, variable geometries (including vertical sections), and other pipeline structural integrity assessment challenges.
  • The types of inspections that UAVs can perform include advanced methane detection & reduction system.
  • The types of data and analytics available from robotic inspections and analytics systems.
  • Best practices for using crawlers and UAVs as part of an ongoing inspection and maintenance program.