Pipeline Integrity Solutions

Complete Inspection Solutions for
Crack Assessment of In-Ditch
Carbon Steel Pipelines

Pipelines are the most efficient way of transporting large quantities of liquids and gas. Their safety is critical and assessing fatigue cracks and stress-corrosion cracking is essential.

Spyne™, an adaptable surface eddy current array (ECA) screening tool, is specifically engineered to maximize productivity for the detection of stress-corrosion cracking (SCC), cracks, subsurface defects, and pitting in various critical components such as high-pressure gas pipes, vessels, tanks, pipelines and more. With a higher PoD than MPI / PT and with its ultrafast capabilities, it paves the way to unprecedented efficiency. 

  • Faster, less operator-dependant than PT/MT
  • Very high PoD: leave no crack behind
  • Repeatable and reliable results
  • Minimal surface preparation required; no need to remove coating
  • Pre-calibrated. Only cal-check required.
  • Combined with Magnifi: assisted detection and on-the-spot reporting
  • Data archiving
  • Compatible with a wide variety of flexible-PCB probes, coils diameters, and topologies

Magnetic-particle inspection (MPI) and liquid-penetrant inspection (LPI) are often used effectively to detect cracks. They are, however, impractical with known drawbacks—surface preparation, manual length sizing, lack of digital data. Sharck probes are designed around tangential eddy current array (TECA™), a better way to scan for fatigue cracks and stress-corrosion cracking (SCC). Use with the portable Reddy® test instrument, this is one of the most powerful integrated solution for pipeline integrity on the market.

Using TECA technology to assess cracks in pipelines, instead of MPI or LPI, you benefit from:

  • Fastest solution on the market
  • Surface-breaking cracks detection and sizing in one scan
  • Interlinking cracks detection
  • Easy to set up solution
  • Simple calibration
  • Very repeatable results
  • Less user dependence
  • Single-user operation with Reddy®
  • In-service inspections
  • Solution unaffected by weather conditions
  • No surface preparation necessary
  • User-friendly interface with data analysis assistant
  • Complies with NACE Standard Practice SP0204

Pipeline Inspection with High-Resolution Sharck

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