At Eddyfi, we strive to meet the most rigorous requirements. Our expertise, engineers, and manufacturing capabilities enable us to take almost any set of custom inspection requirements — dimensions, diameters, geometries, number of coil rows, topologies — and turn them into practical and high-performance solutions for you.


Custom industrial piping probe

 We can design probes for just about any industrial application possible


We’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate this by developing such ECA probes as:

  • Static probes
  • Clamping probes
  • Encircling probes
  • Spring-loaded probes
  • Custom-geometry probes
  • Flexible probes
  • Gel-filled probes
  • Individually spring-loaded elements
  • Expandable probes
  • Large-diameter tubing probes


Borehole probe

 Custom borehole probe


We offer complete lines of standard surface ECA probes and tubing probes that address most typical surface and tube inspection applications.

Talk to us about your custom probe needs.