Introducing Ectane® 3.

Meet the most advanced eddy current array instrument on the market.

The undisputed reference for advanced heat exchanger tubing and surface eddy current array testing, Ectane® 3 brings the power of Remote-Field Array (RFA) technology for ferrous heat exchanger inspections.

Truly a triple threat release, Ectane 3 and Magnifi® software version 5.1 supports the new RFA probe family delivering high-resolution C-scan imaging at remote-field testing inspection speeds. With increased data coverage close to external features, improved probability of detection, and better defect morphology, you’ve got exactly what it takes to make the call with confidence.

The best technology to show your heat exchanger’s true colors.
Remote-field Array (RFA)

The new RFA probe family improves performance of inspections and analysis with the addition of high-resolution C-scanning and increased data coverage closer to external features than ever before.

The RFA probe design combines a high-density array of coils with conventional bobbin coils featuring dual drivers. Every detail having been considered is evident with new centering devices located at both probe ends to maintain constant liftoff and provide a higher quality signal response.

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Ectane 3

Ectane sets the standard when it comes to advanced electromagnetic tubing and surface inspections. Offering a broad 5 Hz to 10 MHz frequency range, eight channel inputs, and up to 32 timeslots, the instrument can tackle a broad spectrum of applications. Modular by design, the 11 models of Ectane 3 are upgradable and can be retrofitted to meet your inspection needs. The unit is available in three different array configurations: 64, 128, or 256 elements with support for 10 technologies.


Remote-Field Array Technology

Using a patent pending low-frequency multiplexer, Ectane 3 supports RFA technology inspections. This probe family is the latest addition to the multi-technologies test instrument, bringing high-resolution C-scan imaging to carbon steel tubing heat exchanger inspections. Ectane 3 enables the highest quality inspections by allowing a wide range of technology combinations whether it be ECT, ECA, TECA™, NFT, NFA, RFT, RFA, MFL, MFLA, or IRIS.


Magnifi 5

Magnifi software version 5.1 integrates dedicated tools for RFA inspections including, but not limited to, a step-by-step setup wizard for probes, dedicated calibration tools to link conventional and C-scan signals, and support of impedance and voltage plane display for ABS channels. Moreover, it includes the AI-ECT module 2.0 for ECT detection of defects under support plates.

Magnifi 5 Heat Exchanger Inspection Software

Historically, remote-field testing has been widely used for carbon steel tube inspection for its speed, equal sensitivity to ID and OD flaws and minimum cleaning requirements. However, it has always been a challenge to characterize indications morphology.

This is where the power of array for carbon steel tubes is changing the game. With an improved probability of detection and the addition of high-resolution C-scan imaging for better defect morphology analysis, operators can now deliver more accurate assessment leading to proactive decisions.

David Veilleux, Product Manager, Tubing

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