A cost-effective analysis software package which is compatible with M2M range of instruments, including Gekko, Mantis, and Panther


Quick diagnostics

  • Customize processing
  • Import application templates
  • Automate screening
  • Cross-section views (Slicer –dynamic display)
  • Import plugins
  • Customize templates
  • Automatic contour and sizing
  • Histogram

Characterize defects & locate indications

  • Scan display: A-scan, B-scan, C-scan, D-scan, S-scan, E-scan
  • 2D scan images superimposed onto the 3D part
  • Display mode modification: HF, Envelope, Rectified, FFT
  • Additional general gain
  • Gate definition and synchronization
  • TOFD calibration, lateral wave straightening and removal
  • Delay law display
  • Amplitude measurement & calibration
  • Distance measurement (3D), surface measurement
  • Specimen reconstruction: 2D or 3D CAD specimen
  • Data merging
  • Reconstruction according to material and geometrical characteristics
  • Multiple skip reconstruction

Powerful tools

  • Segmentation with 3D representation
  • 2D overlay generation
  • 3D parts (T & Y fillet welds, nozzles)
  • 3-axis encoded scans
  • 3D ray tracer
  • Multi-group data files with data merging
  • Accepted data formats: M2M systems, Gekko, Mantis

Thorough reporting

  • Manage unit parameters: %, dB, points, μs, mm, inch
  • Layout definition
  • Complete traceability of actions modifying data
  • 3D full data export
  • Customization of report, export in PDF or html
  • Indication table with all reported defects