Torsional Modules

Improved Inspection using 5-Ring Torsional Transmission


The Teletest Focus+™ is the only guided wave inspection system on the market that has implemented a 5-ring torsional array; standard equipment only uses a 2-ring array. This is possible thanks to the Focus+ instrument’s unique ability to transmit and receive on 40 channels.

The advantages of this system include:

  • Increased power output by 33% over 2-ring equipment
  • Broader test frequency range
  • Expanded receiving capacity

The enhanced power is advantageous on high attenuation lines and increases the distance reached from one inspection location.

The broader frequency ranges give the operator additional frequencies that makes it easier to optimize the test frequency selection. Below is a representation of the wider frequency range that is achieved with the 5-ring torsional tooling.

Display of wider frequency ranges

The receiving capacity is also improved as the signal is received on three rings rather than the standard 2-ring tools.

Torsional wave inspection of pipelines has become the industry standard due to the transmission and interpretation of the signal being easier than longitudinal. There are no unwanted wave modes that need to be cancelled, and the wave mode has a constant velocity with frequency. It is also more robust for the inspection of thick-walled pipes and liquid filled pipes.

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