The mining industry extensively uses oversized mechanical equipment, cast/forged components (e.g., gears and pinions in mills and kilns), and crushers. Other such oversized machinery is very common in mining operations and includes cranes, hoist components, and heavy-duty vehicles specially designed for construction tasks, most frequently ones involving earthwork operations.

Such equipment is subjected to tremendous forces and it is taxed to the limit. But just like everything else, wear can cause mechanical failures… on a grand scale. The industry must therefore implement thorough lifecycle management programs that involve preventive maintenance inspections (PMI) aimed at extending both the service life and the useful life of equipment.

Traditionally, the industry uses highly user-dependent techniques to perform inspections, such as eddy current pencil probes, and techniques that require thorough after-inspection cleaning.

Eddyfi designs and markets eddy current array (ECA) surface probes, test instruments, and software that benefit the industry by being less user-dependent because they are:

  • Easy to handle
  • Rugged
  • Cover wide areas

Our probes also offer complete, computerized data recording and archiving capabilities.

This gets you back up and running in a fraction of the time usually needed by other testing methods.

Typical Applications

  • Surface-breaking cracks in large gears
  • Macropitting in cast and forged components
  • Generalized corrosion on complex systems