22 Jan Out with 2015, In with 2016! The Year in Review

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an article on Eddies and Currents. 2015 was one of those years when all our best intentions were there, but we were so busy working on making your inspection life better, we somewhat neglected our blogging obligations to you. As a (belated) New Year’s resolution, we are going to make it better in 2016. We know it’s late in the game to make a New Year’s post, but here it is nonetheless.

2015 in Review

Expanding the Product Portfolio

MFL Probes

2015 began on a high note, when we added the magnetic flux leakage (MFL) probe to our lineup of probes for tubing inspection. This MFL probe relies on high-performance magnetic sensors, which eliminate the need for an external absolute drift compensation adapter box. These boxes are simply impractical in real-life inspection.

MFL probes

NFA Probes

Mid-April, we were at it again with the near-field array (NFA) probe. They are designed for the inspection of carbon steel tubes, such as those in fin-fan air coolers. These new probes are a turning point in the evolution of NFT: rapid, intuitive C-scan imaging is a game changer for the inspection of ferrous tubing, the design easily enabling detecting and sizing defects commonly found in such tubing in a single pass.

NFA probe

Reddy — Turnkey Eddy Current Array Made Portable

And then, late April, after months of teasing, we finally unveiled the only portable turnkey eddy current array (ECA) instrument offering a complete ecosystem designed for the in-service inspection needs of the oil & gas, power generation, and aerospace industries.

Meet Reddy

DefHi Probes

In November, we launched an expanded line of DefHi tubing probes. We improved and extended the heavy wall (HW) DefHi probe selection to offer superior coverage and penetration in very-low-frequency applications such as brass and cupronickel tubing inspection. We also introduced an all new high-frequency (HF) series of DefHi probes.

High-frequency DefHi array probe


Thanks to your continued support, Eddyfi staff has grown more than 50% worldwide in 2014, so our headquarters had to be expanded to accommodate this rise in staff. That’s why we doubled our floor space from 1300 m2 to 2695 m2 (14000 ft2 to 29000 ft2) back in February. And our teams keep growing: 15% worldwide in 2015, and, even though it happened in 2016, we just opened our latest office in the UAE, adding to our European and American offices.

Floor 3 CafeteriaFloor 3 Cubicles

We’ve grown so much, that we ranked 19th fastest growing company on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50. We also ranked 152nd on the North American Technology Fast 500 ranking (7th in the Electronic Devices/Hardware industry category, ahead of GoPro!).

Technology Fast 50 2015 Canada Deloitte

New Applications

Of course, we’ve continued rolling out intricate custom solutions for very tough inspection challenges. That’s what keeps making us different from other NDT equipment manufacturers. We’ve delivered many custom projects and tackled many new applications—here’s a sample:

Finding Hydroforming-Induced Cracks in Pipe Liner Welds

CRA Cladding Weld Inspection System

Inspecting for Cracks in CRDM Penetration Nozzles

CRDM Blade Probe in Action

You can find the complete record of our achievements here.

Social Engagement

We were extremely proud to become one of cross-country skier Alex Harvey‘s sponsors late last year. We believe that it’s a great opportunity for us to support performance, to encourage this already very successful winter athlete, and to increase our social engagement.

Alex Harvey Eddyfi Polo

So, what’s in store for 2016?

We’re planning great things for 2016, so stay tuned. We’re planning a little survey, very soon, to find out just what you’d like to see.

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