Tubing Probes


RFT can detect and size all the typical defects in ferrous tubes — steam erosion, corrosion, baffle cuts, and pitting. Eddyfi offers several RFT probes to measure wall loss, to size pitting, and to detect flaws hidden by support plates in feedwater heaters, heat exchangers, and piping.

Our RFT single-driver probes produce a similar response from their transmitter and receiver coils making the probes perfect for absolute signal analysis. The probe is sleeved in stainless steel for increased durability up to a probe diameter of 18 mm (0.71 in), inclusively. From this diameter up, the probe’s body is sleeveless and made of advanced, light polymer.


  • Perfect for absolute signal analysis
  • Very resistant to wear
  • Low friction noise
  • High quality-to-price ratio

Use the Part Number Finder to see what Eddyfi probes are available or use the Tubing Probe Creator to determine what probes are best for your particular application.