SurfacePro 3D Reporting Software

Advanced 3D Visualization
and Reporting Software

SurfacePro 3D is an advanced visualization and reporting software designed to automatically create components and overlay stitched C-scan data.

Import Lyft® reports, create 3D components, and stitch color maps automatically. Easily import, export, create, and edit report templates. Compile and merge inspection data with associated images, inspection parameters, and defect tables for fast and compelling reporting.

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SurfacePro can use imported Lyft reports to automatically create complex 3D components from inspection setups, and then stitch and overlay C-scans maps. The software extracts all the relevant information from setups, such as the part dimensions, scan orientation, offset, and dimensions to present the data appropriately.

Automatically create 3D components through data import


Easily create and modify 3D models of your components manually with all the associated data attached. The software allows to import various types of C-scans and easily configure their position on components.

Create and modify 3D components

Intuitive User Interface

Use the inspection report editor to consolidate all modifications and propagate them to reports. Easily import and edit component images (if necessary), as well as identify associated inspected areas.

Fast and Compelling Reporting

SurfacePro 3D helps you create, edit, import, and export report templates. Use the dynamic software interface to specify all relevant customer and job information, which is then propagated everywhere in your reports. All modifications to this information are also automatically updated.


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