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2D/3D Tube
Mapping, Data
and Reporting

TubePro™ is the state-of-the-art fruit of ISS’ over 30 years of experience in developing thermal, mechanical and inspection software applications for the petrochemical and power generation industries.

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Real-time interaction with Magnifi 4.5

Now with the real-time interaction link with Magnifi 4.5, you can create your tube list in an instant by importing the bundle tubesheet picture or from its original drawing. This new feature simplifies the 2D tubesheet creation by reducing the user risk of error.


The interaction link with Magnifi 4.5 also offers real-time 2D/3D report synchronization, now, no more import file is required to get an update on your 2D/3D report, by working with side-by-side software, and you always can get an eye on the bundle evolution.



New plugged tube ratio diagram

With the new plugged tube ratio diagram, it will drastically help the asset owner to get a better estimation on the asset. This graph is automatically generated at the tube list creation or by reporting all the plugged tube into the report table. This feature is calculated from the plugged tubes number/total tube count, with 10% set as the critical limit.




Support multiple data sets and reports

It’s now possible to instantly visualize the current condition of bundle vs previously recorded data, by identify trends and take immediate actions to protect you’re the asset. This allows the analyst to compare previous inspection report made, or just from a comparative inspection technique did on the same bundle, to take efficient decisions.



2D/3D Enhanced photo and drawing detection tools

Now, it comes easier to import bundle picture, with PDF, DXF and DWG files especially for a large bundle with complex shape even with over 10,000 tubes in an instant, to generate its 2D/3D tubesheet mapping.






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