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Next Round's on NDT

Food and Beverage Testing

The food and beverage industry affects everyone as a customer, and the regular inspection of manufacturing and process equipment is essential to ensure not only compliance with regulations but also confidence in product quality for consumer protection. Whether it is food manufacturing, freezing and chilling, brewing and distilling, or dairy related, preservation of product and safety are paramount.


Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is an important element of preventative maintenance programs designed to test critical control points to ensure proactive quality control. Advances in NDT technology translate into the higher quality of products being assessed as well as the production equipment responsible for producing the food and beverages we consume every day.

This is where Eddyfi Technologies comes in.

Our wide range of NDT solutions provide a thorough inspection of the mechanical integrity of capital equipment and systems, minimizing the risk of microbial hazards in consumables and extending the lifetime of assets under review. This includes:

  • Heat exchanger inspection (e.g. absorption, evaporator and condenser tubes)
  • Ammonia-based refrigeration systems
  • Storage tank, pressure vessel, vat and silo inspection
  • Spray dryer inspection
  • Pasteurizer inspection
  • Crack and leak assessment

Advantages of using Pulsed Eddy Currents (PEC) for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) found in the food and beverage processing industry.

Corrosion under insulation and ice are some of the greatest problems faced wherever ammonia refrigeration systems are present. Pulsed eddy current technology offers several advantages when inspecting piping and pressure vessels. The industry leading Eddyfi Lyft® PEC system offers:

  • Real-time digital inspection results
  • Traceability and digital archiving
  • Inspections over coatings, linings, insulation, ice, and weather jackets
  • Sizing corrosion and assessing remaining wall thickness
  • No radiation, unlike RT-based systems
  • Inspections without access to both sides of test component

We design and manufacture reliable solutions specifically for the non-destructive testing of various processing equipment that the food and beverage industry uses everyday. Talk to us about your specifications.