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Power Generation NDT Methods

Whether you’re manufacturing components for the power generation and nuclear industries, operating primary/secondary assets, or inspecting such assets, Eddyfi Technologies can help with your inspection needs.


The nuclear and power generation sectors call for the most precise and reliable technology. Consistent, proactive inspection of critical assets is the best assurance of safe, cost-effective operation. That's why, when it comes to NDT inspection equipment for the nuclear and power generation industries, Eddyfi Technologies puts the power in prevention. With impeccable craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, you will see the difference quality makes. Trust our advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions to provide the most reliable, actionable, meaningful, and preventative data.

With remote inspection, our powerful and purpose-built crawlers operate where humans cannot or should not work — in confined, hostile and dangerous environments — with maximum efficiency and optimal reliability.

Some typical applications include:

  • Turbines
    • Dovetails
    • Blades (leading edge, gas path, root)
    • Generator slots
    • Retaining rings
    • Rotor bores
    • Boreholes
  • Primary and secondary pipes, welds and vessel components
  • Heat exchangers, steam generators, condensers and feed water heaters
  • Reactor vessels and high-pressure vessels
  • Nuclear fuel pools
  • Transmission and distribution switches
  • Storage tanks and containment vessels
  • Balance of Plant components
  • Fuel rods
  • CANDU specific solutions (e.g. pressure tube inspection)
  • Gas void detection (GAMP) in nuclear power plant service water & cooling pipes, flow assisted corrosion (FAC), critical asset/high energy piping, areas with high radiation with installed sensors

Almost everything that gets done in a nuclear environment can be considered mission critical. Our proven technology offers unparalleled reliability, accurate condition assessment and more:

When it comes to top quality craftsmanship and leading-edge technology, Eddyfi Technologies delivers the best solutions, providing around the clock reliability. Our mission-critical technology and adaptable design capabilities make it the quality choice for almost any nuclear and power generation inspection needs.