Videos and Webinars


  • Exclusive

    Workshop - Creating a positive wave for corrosion and weld inspection

  • Exclusive

    Workshop ECA & NFA El futuro de la Inspección en intercambiadores de calor y Condensadores

  • Exclusive

    Workshop Pipescan HD y R Scan, Mapeo de Corrosión Rápida y Efectiva

  • Exclusive

    Workshop PEC Improving the inspection productivity of Corrosion Under Insulation

  • Exclusive

    Workshop Teletest Focus+ Ondas Guiadas Beneficios y aplicaciones

  • Exclusive

    Ultrasons multi-éléments et TFM : puissance combinée pour l'inspection de structures critiques

  • Exclusive

    Gekko TFM & Capture 3 1 – Revisión y aplicaciones generales

  • Exclusive

    Corrosión Bajo Aislamiento CUI – Revisión General del Instrumento LYFT PECA y Aplicaciones generale

  • Exclusive

    Workshop - How to simplify your PAUT and TFM setups and acquisitions - Hosted by Will Betz April2020

  • Exclusive

    How to simplify welds NDT inspection using Total Focusing Method and Phased-Array UT

  • Exclusive

    Eddyfi Webinar Introducing Lyft 2.2 - Scab Corrosion Assessment

  • Exclusive

    Optimized Asset Integrity Management in Oil and Gas Refineries and Chemical Plants

  • Exclusive

    Life is Better with TFM - Enhance your NDT inspections in real-time with the game-changing technique

  • Exclusive

    Eddyfi Lyft 2.1 Webinar

  • Exclusive

    Welcome to the World of Pulsed Eddy Current Array Webinar

  • Exclusive

    Inspection Solution for Galvanized Steel Cladding

  • Exclusive

    Sizing Corrosion Under Insulation More Accurately with PEC

  • Exclusive

    Webinar: Sizing Cracks with Sharck and Reddy

  • Exclusive

    Introducing Magnifi 4

  • Exclusive

    Lyft 1.2: Reinventing Pulsed Eddy Currents. Again.

  • Exclusive

    Reddy: The First Portable System for Tubing Inspection

  • Exclusive

    Lyft 1.1: Pulsed Eddy Current Reinvented

  • Exclusive

    Fin-Fan Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers: Inspection Technique Comparison for Optimal Results

  • Exclusive

    Lyft 1.0: Pulsed Eddy Current Reinvented

  • Exclusive

    Reddy: The Most Advanced Portable Surface ECA Instrument

  • Exclusive

    Modernizing Subsea ACFM Inspection with TSC U41

  • Exclusive

    Amigo2: Evolving ACFM Webinar

  • Exclusive

    Silverwing Swift & Scorpion2 Webinar

  • Exclusive

    Introduction to CMAP Webinar

  • Exclusive

    CMAP for Phased Array Corrosion Mapping

  • Exclusive

    TSC® PACE® Webinar

YouTube Live (Coffee Breaks)

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi Keep it Simple Inuktun Robotics

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Inspect, Analyze, Report and Go Capture 3.1

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Chillers: NDT is making sure they're not failing when the heat is on

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Handling dual phased-array probes with GEKKO

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Calibration and signal rotation made easy with Magnifi 4.7

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | The Basics of the Total Focusing Method (TFM)

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Remote Crawler inspections for tanks, vessels and pipes

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | PAUT, TFM and PWI comparison with a PANTHER system

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | 5 Secrets to Be a PRO at PEC Reporting

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | TKY Weld Inspection using Capture

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Offline MFL Analysis for Tank Floor Inspection

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Nozzle inspection using M2M instruments

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Time-Of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD) with Capture on the Gekko

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Tank Floor MFL Data: Using SIMS for Better Reports, Better Decisions

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | The Eddyfi Recipe – Software Quality Behind The Scenes

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | The wizards of Capture™ software

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | How inspection robotics play a part in sewer line integrity

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | How to define a scan plan for a PWI/TFM configuration

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Corrosion inspection : Inspect, detect, characterize

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Inspection of stainless steel and detection of localized hardening

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Data analysis and post-processing of PWI/TFM data

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Walk-through of a basic bobbin setup in Magnifi

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Nozzle inspection using Capture feature and 3 axis scanner

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | The new PHMSA Guided Wave requirements for gas pipeline inspection

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Ultrasonic inspection of High-density polyethylene using TOFD and PAUT

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Introducing the Pinnacle of ACFM

  • Exclusive

    Coffee Break with Eddyfi | Reddy AC/E: Taking ECT tubing inspections anywhere


  • M2M GEKKO - Discover the most powerful PAUT/TFM flaw detector and be the best inspector you can be.

  • Reddy for AC and ECT Tubing Inspection

  • High-Resolution Sharck Probe

  • New PECA™ solution for scab inspections

  • Pulsed Eddy Current Array Solution

  • Universal I-Flex Manual Pipe Scanner

  • Lyft: Pulsed Eddy Current Reinvented

  • Probot: High-Performance Probe Pusher System

  • PEC Probe Extension Pole

  • Reddy: Turnkey Eddy Current Array Made Portable

  • Ectane 2 — A Proven Success. Made Better.

  • Sharck Fillet Weld Probe for Carbon Steel Fillet Weld Crack Detection & Depth Sizing

  • Sharck 2.0—Fast Inspection of Surface-Breaking Cracks without Surface Preparation

  • Near-Field Array (NFA) Probes — Sizing Small Volumetric Defects in Fin-Fan Air Coolers

  • CMAP2

  • Floormap3Di-R Speed Comparison

  • Floormap3DiM-R Tank Bottom Inspection

  • RMS Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping

  • Silverwing NDT

  • Silverwing Scorpion2 - Thorough integrity assessment of storage tanks

  • TSC Subsea & Offshore ACFM® Inspection Technologies

  • TSC AXIS System

  • PACE Showcase - Portable ACFM Crack Evaluation

  • Amigo2: Evolving ACFM

  • BE THE BEST INSPECTOR YOU CAN BE - Introducing the NEW Gekko

  • M2M Panther Ultrasound Imaging Machine

  • Weld inspection 2PA + TOFD using flaw detector MANTIS ©M2M

  • Boiler tube inspection using compact flaw detector MANTIS ©M2M

  • High-speed inspection for corrosion inspection using flaw detector MANTIS ©M2M

  • Introducing the Versatrax 150™ Mark II

  • NanoMag Magnetic Crawler Remotely Deployed by Versatrax 450 Vehicle

  • Introducing the Versatrax 100™ Mark II

  • VT450 Crawler Negotiates Obstacle by Pole Vaulting

  • Remote Handling and Inspection with the VT450

  • Remote Inspection and Handling with the VT450

  • VT150 Vertical Crawler on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet

  • Two Function Manipulator for Mini ROVs

  • Inuktun Spectrum 45™ Camera with OnSpec Wiper

  • Vertical Pipe Inspection with VT MicroClimber

  • NanoMag Magnetic Crawler for Remote Inspection

  • Vertical Crawler Travels Horizontal to Vertical through 90 degree bend in 10 inch Pipe

  • Tank Inspection with the MaggUT

  • Inuktun's MaggUT™ - Marine for RVI and UT

  • Weld Inspection with MicroMag on Vertical Wall

  • Inuktun MaggHD Performs Wind Turbine Remote Visual Inspection

  • Remote Visual Inspection with the VT Vertical Crawler

  • Anti-fouling Brush Modification for MicroMag

  • Pipe Inspection with SP45 Camera

  • Underground Tunnel Inspection with VT200 (unlisted)

  • Sea Floor Captured by SP90 and Helios

  • Inuktun MaggHD™ with OnSpec Custom Solution "Arms"

  • Ship Hull Inspection with the MicroMag Magnetic Crawler

  • Chain Driven Minitrac for Tank Inspection

  • Minitrac in Operational Sand Testing

  • Pipe Inspection with VT150 at Escondida Mine

  • Underwater Caisson Inspection with SP90

  • Water Main Inspection with SP120HD on Custom Robotic Crawler

  • Pipe Inspection with SP120HD Camera (unlisted)

  • MicroMag Ship Hull Inspection by Can Explore

  • Water Tower Inspection with the MaggHD™

  • Marine Growth Removal with the MaggUT™ - Marine

  • MaggUT­™ - Marine Cleans FPSO with Cavijet

  • Sewer Pipe Inspection with SP90 on VT150

  • Storm Drain Inspection with SP90 on VT150

  • VT300 Long Line Pipeline Inspection

  • VT300 - Pipeline Inspection - Damage Found


  • ECA Technology — DefHi Tubing Probe

  • Eddy Current Testing Technology — Bobbin Probes

  • IRIS Technology — Overview of IRIS Principles

  • MFL Technology — Magnetic Flux Leakage Probe

  • NFT Technology — Near-Field Probe

  • PEC Technology — Pulsed Eddy Current Probe

  • RFT Technology — Dual Driver Probe

  • MFL & STARS Floormap

  • Offshore and Subsea ACFM Overview - Diver Deployment

  • Real time imaging TFM on GEKKO M2M

  • Imaging of Total Focusing Method (TFM) vs. EScan on corrosion mapping

  • Real time imaging TFM on GEKKO

  • Imaging of Total Focusing Method (TFM) vs. EScan on corrosion mapping

  • The Adaptive Total Focusing Method ©M2M

  • SAUL NDT for Airbus A350 composite parts ©Stelia Aerospace Composites

  • Advantages and Complementarity of PA Technology & TFM ©M2M 2016

  • Measurement of residual thickness for corrosion close to the welds with an ATFM

  • Corrosion detection and measurement improvement using advanced ultrasonic tools ©M2M IS

  • Total Focusing Method and Phased-array technology

  • Advanced phased array techniques for industrial applications


  • Eddyfi Magnifi and TubePro interaction

  • Magnifi surface MFL wizard tool

  • Seeing Cracks in Heat Exchanger Tubes

  • Having Three Eddy Current Array Probes In One

  • A Major Leap Forward in IRIS UT

  • Exclusive

    Reddy Demo

  • ACFM®: Real Life - Inspection of Coated Tubular Joint

  • ACFM®: Real Weld Inspection Example

  • TSC AXIS Demonstration

  • PACE Demo Video - Portable ACFM Inspection Solutions

How To

  • RemoteControl

  • How to optimize the IRIS sizing on deep indications

  • RFT Calibration with Assistant Tool

  • Overview of TubePro

  • Typical Tubing Inspection Workflow in 7 Simple Steps with Magnifi 4

  • Setting Up the Micro IRIS Kit

  • Lyft Pro: Lyft Software for Your Desktop

  • How to Transfer Files Between Reddy and a Computer

  • How to Manage Data Files, Setups, and Inspection Folders on Reddy

  • How to Use the Reddy Arrow Keypad

  • How to Create Sizing Curves on Reddy

  • How to Configure Filters with Reddy

Environmental Testing

  • Reddy Eddy Current Testing Instrument: Drop Tests

  • Reddy Eddy Current Testing Instrument: Water Test