Be the best inspector you can be

Capture™ is the streamlined software embedded in M2M Gekko® and Mantis™ portable flaw detectors, and also available for PC. It is dedicated to conventional Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Phased Array UT (PAUT), Time-of-Flight-Diffraction (TOFD), Total Focusing Method (TFM) and Adaptive Total Focusing Method (ATFM). Continuously updated based on industry feedback, be the best inspector you can be.


  • Intuitive and efficient workflow

  • Code-compliant TFM at industrial scan speed

  • Dedicated solutions for complex geometries

  • One software covering all your PAUT/TOFD inspection

  • Advanced analysis simplified

  • Continuous innovation driven by market applications


Intuitive and efficient workflow

Built for all level operators, Capture is a complete software platform that covers all inspection needs from application design to inspection and reporting.

  • Application oriented templates, step by step application design

  • Complete probe, wedge and scanner libraries for most common accessories

  • Fast and intuitive calibration wizards

  • Onboard focal law calculator for all probe configurations and techniques

  • Customizable inspection report for your needs

Capture offers a quick way to improve knowledge and requires minimum training time for phased array inspectors.

M2M Capture workflow

Unique 3-click calibration wizards

In addition to complete scan plans for all techniques, smart 3-click calibration wizards will help you work faster:

  • Part and wedge velocity

  • Amplitude balancing and dead element check

  • Best-in-class wedge delay + angle calibration including AOD/COD wedges

  • Innovative and advanced TCG calibration

Wedge verification and TCG are essential calibration steps that have historically been complicated and time consuming. Capture does it accurately, quickly and easily.

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The complete TFM toolbox

Benefiting from over 6 years of experience with TFM on the field, Capture includes a complete toolbox covering most of your inspection needs:

  • High-resolution real-time TFM up to 250k pixels and up to 128 elements

  • Scan speed up to 140 images/s with 64 elements for typical weld inspection (1in WT)

  • Compatible with linear, matrix, DLA and DMA probes and all calibration wizards including advanced TCG

  • Unique grid verification tool compliant with ASME-V / ISO-DIS-23865 codes

  • Elementary FMC and plane wave imaging (PWI) transmission modes

  • All TFM computation paths (direct, indirect, converted modes)

  • Full Matrix Capture (FMC) recording

Capture offers the fastest TFM on the market and all necessary tools to comply with Standards.


Offering advanced solutions

Capture provides advanced solutions through a streamlined simple workflow.

  • Nozzle inspection with 3-axis scanner and live cross-section views

  • Fillet welds (T, Y) with multi-skip ray tracing and live signal display

  • 2.5D CAD overlay import

  • Natively compatible with the RMS PA Silverwing scanner

  • Custom dual linear (DLA) and dual matrix (DMA) configurations

  • Paintbrush 2D mapping with 3-axis rotating arm

  • Unique Adaptive TFM (ATFM) solution for wavy surfaces

These applications, available on the equipment without the need for an external software, provides improved Probability-Of-Detection (POD), better and faster defect characterization for simple and more complex components.

Advanced analysis simplified

Capture offers all the tools necessary for efficient and reliable data analysis

  • Indication creation from cursors
  • Thickness and overlay edition
  • Customizable view layouts for all groups
  • Off-line gate edition
  • Advanced readings banner
  • Indication auto-sizing at -XdB (customizable)
  • C-Scan stitching
  • Advanced reporting tools, customizable indication table
  • Data export (pdf and excel)
  • Data projection in the 3D view

Capture updates remain focused on simplifying daily analysis workflow to improve productivity and reduce false calls.

3D andanced analysis
data quality

Enhanced data display and quality

Better clarity leads to better efficiency, Capture offers a set of tools for all techniques including TFM that improves data display such as:

  • A-B-C-D-Scan, Top and Side views, and echodynamics
  • Real-time 3D view and component overlay display
  • Live missed data information
  • Interface echo straightening for corrosion mapping
  • 16bits and 800% amplitude dynamic to prevent saturation
  • No compromise on data file size (no limitation, SSD up to 1 TB)

Capture offers operators all the tools required to visualize and check data quality.

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Connected software platform

Capture is natively embedded in Gekko and Mantis PAUT/TOFD units and provides the same features for PC. Windows based, it offers full connectivity to simplify data management.

  • Easy file management and remote control through ethernet/wireless (TightVNC, TeamViewer integrated solutions)
  • Multi-sessions Capture PC
  • Compatible with CIVA Analysis and Ultis
  • API available for data access for 3rd party software

Data are easily transferred to PC or tablets and analysis is possible with third-party software.


Download Capture 3.1.5

Capture 3.1.5


Time savings

Limit training time thanks to the smart/streamlined interface designed for all level UT inspectors.

Cost savings

Reduce training costs and keep your existing accessories.

All inspection cases covered

A unique software platform for all UT, TOFD, PAUT, TFM and ATFM techniques.

Reliable data

Limit false calls andreeduce repair costs for final customers.

One step ahead

Continuous innovation driven by market applications. Stay a step forward of the competition.


Compliant with latest codes and standards. Used in accredited training centers. Benefit from NDT expert support worldwide.