OEM Electronics


M2M phased array boards are accessible to original equipment manufacturers for integration into third-party systems. Phased array boards for 8:32 and 16:64 multiplexed configurations are available.

When purchasing these M2M hardware (boards or packaged boxes), the dynamic-link libraries (dlls) are provided. They allow accessing and modifying any parameters in the electronics but require a deep knowledge of M2M hardware architecture. This concept is perfect for integrators targeting markets with 15+ systems. M2M boards have already been successfully incorporated into products that range from portable handheld systems to robot-controlled in-line applications.

Multiplexed Architecture OEM

8:32, 8:32 v.2 and 16:64 phased array boards, are multiplexed configurations available to OEM for integration into third-party systems.

OEM-UT 16:64

Download the specifications

OEM-UT 8:32 v.2

Download the specifications

  • Option 1: board without probe connector
  • Option 2: board with I-PEX connector
  • Option 3: board with hypertronix connector

Integration Example

Smart U32

Phased array instrument © TESTIA

D-Lam tool

Phased array ultrasonic instrument to detect delamination on Carbon or Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP/GFRP) © TESTIA


Thickness inspection © TESTIA