Portable High-Performance Phased Array UT Instrument

TOPAZ®32 is a 32-channel, high-performance phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) device and a complete solution for your inspections. Optimally designed for oil & gas, power generation, manufacturing, and transportation inspection applications, TOPAZ32 boosts productivity, reduces job times, and can lower the total cost of equipment ownership.



  • Phased array up to 32/128PR
  • 2 conventional UT channels
  • Multiple probes capability (2xPA + 2xTOFD)
  • Unlimited groups
  • Up to 1024 focal laws
  • Maximum PRF of 12kHz
  • 2D matrix array onboard support
  • Time reversal option


  • Multi-probe PAUT and TOFD on thick carbon steel welds up to 100 mm (4 in) thick
  • Corrosion mapping
  • Composite inspections with time reversal
  • Stainless steel welds using DMA (Dual Matrix Array) probes
  • Friction stir welds

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Inspection Advantages

One of the many key advantages of the TOPAZ32 is that 2D matrix array probe support is now included without the need for any external software. This fully integrated and simplified approach can reduce the amount of equipment needed to perform an inspection.

With its rugged construction and airtight magnesium and rubber housing, TOPAZ32 is durable enough to handle inspections in even the harshest conditions. Its lightweight design makes the TOPAZ32 easily portable wherever you need to go.

TOPAZ32 portable 32 channel phased array is available in three versions:

  • 32/128P – multi-group
  • 32/128PR - multi-group with dual matrix array (DMA) support
  • 32/128PR-TR– multi-group, DMA support and time reversal
PAUT weld inspection setup
UltraVision Touch PAUT Software

Powered by UltraVision Software

TOPAZ32 includes this powerful software onboard. Leveraging one software platform across all Eddyfi Technologies' UT products saves valuable training time and enables new levels of system synergies. Benefit from powerful features including:

  • Embedded, advanced focal law calculator with visual feedback
  • Onboard volumetric merge and measurement tools
  • Interactive help on the instrument
  • Remote control capabilities.

Visit the UltraVision Touch page to learn more about the software features.

Maximize Your Productivity

TOPAZ32 enables users to effectively complete the following all from the unit:

Prepare specimen and weld for inspection and calibrate setup. The visual feedback from the onboard shape editor and advanced focal law calculator allows easy setup creation and optimization.

Acquire data in real-time in a range of views on the multi-touch screen. The calibration process is made easy with a complete calibration tool.

Analyze the data in different views and automatically produce a table of indications. A full set of basic (cursors, readings) and advanced (merge, C-Scan stitching, gate selectors, volumetric contour, thickness thresholding, etc.) analysis tools are available with fully configurable display layouts onboard.

Report in different levels to meet specific requirements. Ready-to-print custom PDF reports including hardware settings, scan plan, and indication information are generated with a single touch.


Streamlined Workflow

Advanced processing features and onboard calibration of the TOPAZ32 provide optimized layouts to accommodate phased array sensitivity, wedge delay, Time Corrected Gain (TCG), and velocity for each angle.

Calibration status keeps users informed before acquisition begins, and TOPAZ32 displays the calibration status for all channels (groups). If the relevant symbol on the display is not green, the related parameter has not been calibrated. Only when all symbols are indicated in green should scanning and data acquisition commence.

TOPAZ32 displays data in real time, even volumetric merged views during acquisition. With a wide range of predefined onboard layouts to present data, users can create their own layout to meet specific requirements or personal preferences.

Increased Efficiency

  • Provides 2D matrix array probe support without the need for external software
  • Fast data acquisition due to large 2GB file size onboard which reduces time for processing and creates reports by up to 50% faster versus previous versions
  • Fast and ample data storage (120GB embedded solid state drive) minimizes the frequency of data export
  • Sectorial and linear scanning combine to increase the covered inspection area while reducing scanning time.
Topaz32 with Ultravision

Powerful onboard analysis

  • Time-of-Flight-Diffraction, or TOFD, cursors allow onboard TOFD analysis
  • Lateral wave synchronization straightens the lateral TOFD wave so that defect depth measurement is extremely precise
  • Onboard layout manager provides data in several easily understandable formats and users can create their own views to suit requirements or preferences
  • All standard or user-created layouts can be shared with other inspectors; they can be exported using the comprehensive connectivity capabilities plus layouts created for other inspections can be easily imported.

Intuitive onboard reporting

  • TOPAZ32 can generate reports to meet every user requirement
  • Reports can cover scan plans, specimen and weld information, operating parameters, tables of indication, individual images with flaws identified, and comprehensive reports
  • Onboard templates are available to provide reports according to the level of information required.
Topaz32 PAUT Reporting



Dimensions (W × H × D)

26 × 13.2 × 32.6 cm (10.3 × 5.2 × 12.8 in)

Weight (with 1 × battery)

6.3 kg (13.9 lb)

Multi-touch Display

264 mm (10.4 in) wide, 1024 x 768 pixels

Air Intake


Hot Swappable Batteries



120 GB SSD

Instrument Calibration

Compliant with ISO 18563-1


IP rating

Designed for IP66

Operating Temperature Range

0°C to 45°C (32°F to 113°F)

Storage Temperature Range

-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)

Relative Humidity

80% non-condensing


Phased Array Connector

ZPAC Connector (custom ZIF with latch)

Video Output

DVI (Digital and Analog)

Data Interfaces

Ethernet 1000 Base-T; 1 x USB 3.0; 2 x USB 2.0


Phased Array Channels

32/128 P or 32/128 PR

UT Channels

2 P/E or 2 P&C

Amplitude Resolution

16 bits

Measurement Gates

4 gates + 1 synchronization gate

Maximum PRF

12 kHz

Data Compression
Max. Pulser Voltage (Open Circuit)

105V PA UT / 215V UT

Max. Applied Voltage (50 ohms)

75V PA UT / 200V UT

Bandwidth (-3 dB)

From 0.5 to 18 MHz




Analog/digital (FIR)

Smoothing (Video Filter)




Automated Probe Detection


Focal Laws


Maximum Number of Samples

8,192 - 16,384 (remote - UltraVision® 3)

Maximum Data File Size

2 GB onboard - 20 GB (remote using UltraVision® 3)

Encoder Interfaces

2 Quadrature-type