End of Active Life for Vacuum Boxes

From: Friday, May 14, 2021

This End of Active Life Notice is related to the following models: VACUUM BOXES V400C, V400CAVG, V400DDUALFUNCTION, V400LP, V400LPAVG, V600LP, V500LPAVG, V600LP, V600LPAVG, V600LP, V600LPAVG, V750-AVG, V750-DUAL, V750-F, V750LED-AVG, V750LED-DUAL, V750LED-F VACUUM PUMPS VP110, VP240

Having been in the historical Silverwing offering for some time, the vacuum box range of products has proven to be a reliable product line. However, we have reached the end of active life phase for these items and all related accessories due to slowly decreasing demand in recent years. Initiating this end of active life process will also facilitate our focus on high-technology equipment such as tank floor scanners and corrosion-mapping systems.

The vacuum box product line will not be replaced with an alternative option within our product portfolio at this stage. Calibrations and repair services will continue to be offered on a best-effort basis until May 31st, 2022.

For more information on this End of Active Life, please read the complete End of Active Life notification.