US Navy Places Significant Order for ROVs with Inuktun Manipulators

From: Friday, September 11, 2020

Nanaimo, BC, Canada, September 11, 2020 – Eddyfi Technologies is pleased to announce its cooperation with VideoRay in fulfilling an order placed by the US Navy for remotely operated vehicles employed for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

The multi-million dollar order for VideoRay’s Defender ROV systems provide the US Navy with man-portable ROVs featuring an extensive EOD toolkit including an Inuktun two-function manipulator. Featuring a closing force of 2.3kg/5lb, this end effector can retrieve objects up to 45kg/100lb and rotate continuously where needed. The powerful gripper is pressure compensated for depths up to 5,000m/16,400ft. Operators can switch between parallel jaws, cutter, sampler, V-jaw, or trident tools to meet remote operation requirements.

From a press release by VideoRay, “The procurement process was facilitated through the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) which provided open communications and a competitively awarded production contract which allows further scaling within the Navy based on requirements set forth by PMS-408, allowing VideoRay to collaborate on a solution. As a result, the VideoRay Defender systems have been optimized to best support the U.S. Navy EOD technician and warfighter.

The VideoRay Defender is a highly capable remotely operated vehicle and is also becoming a standard in other markets beyond defense, most notably in offshore energy and infrastructure industries. The VideoRay Defender systems will be used by the Navy for defense and security operations including very shallow water, littoral mine counter measures, port security missions and hull and pier inspection.”

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