Rugged and Portable Inspection Cameras

When your inspection requirements demand the best possible picture quality, Eddyfi Technologies Spectrum™ cameras deliver high definition video with advanced imaging options. Designed with a wide range of of industry requirements in mind, this inspection camera provides visual access to see the unseen and gain valuable knowledge on real-time conditions of assets and infrastructure.


  • 360° continuous pan and 260° tilt
  • Anodized, rugged aluminum body (stainless steel optional)
  • 60m/200ft depth rating (optional 300m/1000ft)
  • Automated inspection routine (with ICON STD)
  • Up to FHD resolution, 30x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom (120)
  • Variable LED lighting
  • Overlay and customizable ICON interface


Simply the best in its class, period.

The Spectrum remote controlled inspection camera can be utilized as a standalone tool or part of a robotic crawler system for the most detailed remote visual inspection. The waterproof camera provides a crystal clear picture, with cathodic protection available for extended underwater deployments.

Depending on model, Spectrum offers precise pan, tilt, and zoom functionality in a remarkably small package. A unique spherical head design allows for functions being used without ever changing the working envelope, i.e., it won't get stuck. Optional parallel laser lines offer on-screen size estimation for any regions of interest.

Spectrum can be found remotely assessing storage tanks, pressure vessels, mine shafts, nuclear power installations, pipelines, or any industrial structure with limited or unsafe access.

Built to go anywhere and see everything, Spectrum inspection cameras are operated with the same ICON™ software used to control our inspection robots incorporating these cameras. See it for yourself.

Key Industries

  • Municipal Water and Sewer
  • Marine
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Petrochemical

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Key Applications

  • Tank Inspection
  • Vessel Inspection
  • FPSO Tank Inspection
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Mine Shafts and Boreholes
  • Underwater Drop Camera
  • Nuclear Drop Camera

STIK™ Automated Camera System

The STIK, or Spectrum tank inspection kit, is the turnkey camera solution for visual inspection inside tanks, pressure vessels, bunkers and railcars. Incorporating the powerful Spectrum 120 HD PTZ mounted on a lightweight pole with a special hatch mount assembly, this man portable system employs specialized technology to provide inspectors with everything needed to generate quantifiable, repeatable and actionable condition reports.

STIK System Features

  • 360° continuous pan and 260° tilt
  • Up to FHD resolution
  • 30x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom (120)
  • Anodized, rugged aluminum body (Stainless steel optional)
  • Variable LED lighting
  • Hatch diameter range 43-92cm/17-36in
  • 60m (200ft) depth rating (300m/1000ft optional)
  • ICON interface automated inspection routine (ICON STD)

Spectrum 45

45mm diameter pan and tilt camera with 420TVL resolution

Spectrum 90

90mm diameter pan, tilt, and zoom camera with 720TVL resolution

Spectrum 120

120mm diameter pan, tilt, and zoom camera with full HD resolution

Spectrum Camera Kit

  • ICON controller 100 for control and analysis
  • ICON Standard software one-year subscription
  • Spectrum 120 PTZ HD camera with 30x optical zoom
  • 100m/330ft for tether on a reel
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Unmatched detection capability

Often overlooked at the expense of pixel count, the minimum defect size is one of the key parameters for assessing defects or corrosion. Spectrum cameras have been engineered to see things impossible to view with the naked eye.

Robust by design

Spectrum pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras have been engineered to withstand water, dust, and harsh environments. The standard depth rating being 60m/200ft makes it the perfect companion for splash zone or underwater applications. Spectrum cameras are designed to higher standards and are built to last.

Simple and efficient setup

Using a dedicated camera controller and our well known ICON™ software, the inspection setup has never been more straightforward. Designed with the user in mind, ICON keeps the work in the field as simple as possible while allowing in-depth analysis offsite.

Incredible details from far away

Remove the risks associated with confined space and tank entry. The 30x optical zoom combined with the FHD sensor compatibility allows you to have an incredible view from a safe place.

Enhanced automation software

Enhanced automation software Creating repeatable and quality data is fast and straightforward with ICON™ automation. With the STIK system, users can run predefined routines with ICON STD or create their own with ICON PRO. In any case, inspections will always be performed in the same way while ensuring the user’s safety by avoiding unnecessary confined space entry.




45 mm (1.75 in) to 120 mm (4.6 in)


163 mm (6.4 in) to 357 mm (14 in)


0.8 kg (1.5lb) to 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) (aluminum)

  • Aluminum
  • Optional: 316 stainless steel
Depth rating

60 m (200 ft) to 300 m (1000 ft)

Maximum tether length

500 m (1650 ft)

Operating temperature

0–50°C (32–122°F)

Minimum illumination

1.0 to 1.4 lux


45: 420 TV lines
90: 720 HTV lines
120: 1920 × 1080


Manual and/or auto (remote), depending on model


Auto or manual (remote)


45: 12 × High intensity LEDs
90: 3 × high intensity LEDs
120: 4 × high intensity LEDs


360° continuous pan, 280° tilt, zoom, focus, lights, lasers, exposure level, depending on model

Variable pan speed

45: 0 –18° per second
90: 0–26° per second
120: 0–26° per second

Variable tilt speed

45: 0 –35° per second
90: 0–7° per second
120: 0–9° per second


120x (10x optical, 12x digital) to 360x (30x optical, 12x digital), depending on model


45: 47° in air
90: 54° in air
120: 67° in air (for 120x zoom)


45: PAL or NTSC
90: PAL or NTSC
120: 1080p30

Input voltage

36–70 VDC


45: 3.6 mm
90: 5.1 mm (wide) to 51 mm (tele)/0.20 in (wide) to 2.01 in (tele)
120: 120x zoom: 3.8 mm (wide) to 38 mm (tele)/0.15 in (wide) to 1.50 in (tele), 360x zoom: 4.3 mm (wide) to 129 mm (tele)/0.17 in (wide) to 5.08 in (tele)

Depth of field

10 mm (0.4 in) to infinity