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The most advanced PEC acquisition and analysis software

Eddyfi Lyft® is the most advanced Pulsed Eddy Current inspection data acquisition and analysis software. It boasts an intuitive workflow so that technicians acquire the best data in the field and unique advanced analysis tools to achieve the highest level of inspection confidence.

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Lyft GO Lyft PRO


  • Supports PECA™ Technology
  • Compensated Wall Thickness (CWT) algorithm
  • Tau-scan™ and PermTool™ advanced analysis
  • Wi-Fi update capabilities
  • Remote control capabilities (Lyft Pro)
  • Support for specialized and custom probes


Why should I upgrade to the latest Lyft software?

Lyft GO and Lyft PRO are constantly evolving PEC data acquisition and analysis softwares. Lyft PRO introduces the PermTool™, the first-ever tool that discriminates false from real positives in PEC data.

  • Easier than ever GUI
  • PermTool™
  • Tau-scan™ analysis curve
  • Increased inspection confidence
  • Intuitive workflows

Automated Software for Reliable and Repeatable Results

The Lyft is packed with automation and advanced algorithms that remove operator-specific dependence, thanks to the power of the SmartPULSE™ technology. It automatically optimizes pulser and receiver parameters (gain, duration, time gates, filters, etc.).

SmartPULSE also adjusts Wall Thickness (WT) measurements to ensure optimal performance and repeatability, while limiting the need for advanced knowledge of pulsed eddy current. The user-friendly multi-touch software also includes several innovative features, including real-time C-scan imaging (grid-mapping and dynamic modes), complete wall thickness measurements (ID and OD corrosion), as well as complete inspection management and reporting capabilities.

We offer our software either via yearly subscription or perpetual license with built-in updates. Learn more about it and see how simple it is here.

Unique to Lyft - Wall Thickness Measurement Tool for Smaller Flaws

Under sizing is a well-known phenomenon for PEC where defects smaller than the probe’s averaging area appear shallower than they really are. Lyft’s Compensated Wall Thickness (CWT) tool mitigates the phenomenon by quantifying the minimum wall thickness of a specific region in a C-scan. The CWT tool’s specialized algorithms isolated a defect’s contribution to the A-scan signal to more precisely compute its minimum wall thickness.

Lyft PRO Desktop Analysis Software

Lyft PRO enables advanced Lyft data analysis and features the same graphical user interface than the Lyft software, making it easy to learn and benefit from larger data layouts. This translates into Lyft instruments out in the field acquiring data while analysts work hard to extract value from acquired data.

Lyft PRO makes it easier analyze inspections data from several Lyft instruments. It also has a remote control mode allowing you to connect your computer to your Lyft instrument and to perform acquisition. Furthermore, the software has features to generate richer reports, tools to bridge calibration parameters between scan zones and take advantage of the Tau-scan™ and PermTool™ unique to Lyft for advanced analysis and increased inspection confidence. Download Lyft PRO here.

Lyft GO embedded software and Lyft PRO for laptop computers

The Lyft software ecosystem is in constant evolution. Lyft GO is the dependable and intuitive data acquisition software on the Lyft unit. Lyft PRO uses the same user interface as Lyft GO with added features for analysis and is the prime tool for advanced data analysis. Now with the new PermTool™ and Tau-scan™, Lyft PRO is the first software of the industry to offer advanced analysis curves dedicated to deepen comprehension of the PEC signal and increase confidence in inspection results

SurfacePro 3D is the visualization and reporting software compatible with Lyft. It is designed to automatically create components and overlay stitched C-scan data. Import Lyft reports, create 3D components, and stitch color maps automatically. Easily import, export, create, and edit report templates. Compile and merge inspection data with associated images, inspection parameters, and defect tables for fast and compelling reporting.

Feature Lyft GO Lyft PRO
Calibration Tau-scanTM
Signal Tau-scanTM
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