Cutting-edge electromagnetic acquisition, analysis, and reporting software with AI detection for eddy current tubing inspections.

Magnifi® is a constantly evolving, integrated electromagnetic inspection data acquisition, analysis and reporting software. It boasts an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) suited to modern devices, powerful advanced reporting capabilities, and multi-technologies support, as well as simple inspection configurations.


  • Complete step-by-step wizard for inspection setup​
  • Cloud-based licensing​
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) detection for ECT tubing inspections​
  • Assisted analysis for all tubing techniques​
  • Supports pre-uniformized Spyne™ probes​
  • Advanced signal processing and data analysis

We offer our software either via yearly subscription or perpetual license with built-in updates. Learn more and see how simple it is here.


Introduced in 2011, Magnifi is the market-leading software for electromagnetic (EM) inspections worldwide and across various industries. Combining an intuitive user interface, powerful advanced capabilities, and multi-technologies support, Magnifi is the reference for:

  • Array and conventional heat exchanger tubing techniques
  • Eddy Current Array (ECA) surface inspections
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

In Magnifi, you don’t need to navigate through tedious menus and endless lists of adjustable setup parameters. Magnifi offers a series of tools to keep data management organized, a complete step-by-step wizard to help create your inspection setup based on your procedure, and probe-specific calibration assistants to have your equipment up and running in a few minutes.

Because no two jobs are the same, Magnifi incorporates a wide variety of layout and display options to customize and dedicate your setup for each application.

Advanced Signal Processing and Data Analysis

Eddy Current Array (ECA) technology, for both surface and tubing inspections, would not be what they are today without the powerful software capabilities that Magnifi offers. This includes:

  • 2D and 3D C-scans
  • Real-time filters
  • Automatic detection thresholds
  • Sizing curves and overlays
  • Superimposed channel display
  • Customizable info fields
  • Subtraction cursor and much more.

Automatic Recording for Tubing Inspection

Data acquisition and recording can be activated automatically when the probe enters or leaves a tube.

This allows the person acquiring the data to avoid having to activate these functions manually on the computer or on the instrument. It means that he or she can concentrate on the acquisition without wasting time between each acquisition.

It is also possible to display the number of tubes being scanned in large print to keep track while away from the screen.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in ECT Inspections

Using a patent-pending process with AI neural networks, Magnifi automatically detects and positions cursors on tubesheets, support plates, and defects during ECT heat exchanger tubing inspections.

Activated in a few clicks, the AI-ECT module aims to improve confidence in the analysis and support the collection of higher quality data. It is simple to learn and easy to use during both acquisition and analysis.

The AI findings are suggested potential location of indications and it remains the responsibility of a certified analyst level II to choose the ones that should be reported.

Collect Superior Data Quality

With automatic screening during acquisition, AI detection for ECT can instantly validate if the full tube length data was collected.

For more detailed information on the AI module, visit our technology page.

Quickly Find Essential Information

Once the AI neural networks have screened the data, two additional tools allow the analyst to quickly find the essential information they want to report.​

Tubelist sorting and filtering such as:​

  • Sort tube in descending order of number of potential indications​
  • Show only tubes with AI findings​
  • Show tubes with failed DQV test​.

Defect grouping allows the analyst to create groups of indications based on the channel, amplitude range, and phase range. This is especially useful with tubes presenting notable quantities of indications.

Assisted Analysis for all Tubing Techniques

In addition to AI-based detection, Magnifi offers a complete toolset to automatically detect landmarks and indications for:

  • Eddy Current Testing (ECT)
  • Remote-Field Testing (RFT)
  • Near-Field Testing (NFT)
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
  • DefHi
  • Near-Field Array (NFA).

Using a visual representation with detection boxes, the user can easily adjust the detection parameters depending on the tube conditions.

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Eddy Current Array for Surface Inspection

Magnifi aims to provide all the tools required to acquire, analyze, and report your data directly on-site. Easy navigation through all indications reaching your signal threshold allows for rapid screening and reporting of flaw indications.

One-click reporting, automated depth measurements, report templates, and PDF export make it simple to provide a final inspection report before leaving a job site.

Software Versions

Magnifi Standard (STD)

The Standard (STD) version of Magnifi desktop supports up to five technologies in conventional modes: ECT, RFT, MFL, NFT, and IRIS.

Magnifi Professional (PRO)

The Professional (PRO) version enables access to advanced inspections with array sensors: ECA, TECA, MFLA and NFA.


The embedded version of Magnifi drives the Reddy® portable electromagnetic instrument and is the ideal solution for rapid crack and corrosion assessment.


Magnifi-GO-AC is embedded in the Reddy AC, designed for ECT bobbin and AC tubing inspections. It offers integrated automated acquisition sequences and advanced analysis capabilities for on-the-fly reporting.

Magnifi Companion (CPN)

Magnifi Companion allows desktop analysis of any data acquired with the Reddy unit. Analysts can be up and running in next to no time, with extensive data layouts at their fingertips. Whether CPN is used to plan and set up inspections for several instruments or to review field data, it allows users to take full advantage of Reddy’s industry-leading capabilities.

Magnifi ACQ

During a turnaround, time is of the essence. The Magnifi Acquisition (ACQ) license supports all required functionalities to maximize the collection of high-quality data on heat exchanger tubing inspections with conventional technologies (ECT, RFT, NFT, MFL, and IRIS).​

The ACQ license includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) detection capabilities to automatically find and position landmarks. Full tube length data collection can therefore be validated on the spot, informing the acquisition experts of incomplete data before transferring their files to the analyst.

Cloud-based Licensing

Maximize utilization and flexibility with Eddyfi Technologies' cloud-based licensing system. Software keys are activated in seconds and can be easily shared throughout your team.

Gone are the days when the dongle could potentially get lost, broken, or need to be shipped weeks in advance with the equipment.