The Most Advanced Data Acquisition and Analysis Software for Tubing and Surface ECA Inspections

Eddyfi Magnifi® is a constantly evolving, integrated electromagnetic inspection data acquisition and analysis software. It boasts an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) suited to modern devices, powerful reporting functions, and data management, as well as simple inspection configurations.


  • Supports pre-uniformized SpyneTM probes
  • Lift-off rotation assistant
  • Calibration and functionality check tool
  • Wi-Fi update capabilities
  • IRIS enhanced C-scan and projection views
  • Improved MFL array setups

We offer our software either via yearly subscription or perpetual license with built-in updates. Learn more about it and see how simple it is here.


Why should I upgrade to Magnifi 4?

Magnifi supports the most inspection technologies for tubing and surface inspections with single-element and array probes. With its powerful GUI and features, there’s no need to switch back and forth between several software anymore.

  • Easier-than-ever GUI
  • Exceptional data management
  • Better productivity
  • Highly customizable
  • Flexible signal processing
  • Powerful reporting

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Easier-than-Ever GUI

The completely redesigned GUI is made for modern devices, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity.

Exceptional Data Management

Projects, inspections, and setups are created and managed from a centralized location. You can quickly retrieve all the relevant information from an inspection by loading a data file. All inspection files are synchronized and quickly available.

Better Productivity

Magnifi 4 enhances productivity by, namely, making setups and acquisitions faster through new configuration wizards, better acquisition start, manual sequence and calibration shortcuts.

Highly Customizable

Magnifi 4 makes it extremely easy to create customized acquisitions and report summaries, layouts that you can use in different setups, to configure keyboard shortcuts, or even add new information fields to layouts.

Flexible Signal Processing and Data Analysis

From tubing to surface applications, from single-channel to multi-channel array probes, they all benefit from Magnifi 4’s advanced features to efficiently process, compensate, and display inspection data. You can use real-time filters, superimposed channels, sizing overlays, and information views to build representative layouts for your applications.

Powerful Reporting

Creating inspection reports has never been so easy. The Magnifi 4 report generator enables you to choose different sections, which include a defect table, an inspection summary in tubing applications, and a screen capture appendix. You can export your reports to standard formats or save defect tables for use with a compatible third-party tubesheet mapping software like TubePro.

Magnifi GO for Desktop and Laptop Computers

The Magnifi software ecosystem is also growing with the release of Magnifi 4, now including Magnifi GO (running on Reddy® instruments), and Magnifi R, the desktop Reddy data reader available for free to all Reddy service plan subscribers.

Magnifi R allows you to perform in-depth analysis of Reddy data directly on your computer. Magnifi R features the same graphical user interface as Magnifi GO, so anyone can be up and running in next to no time, working with larger data layouts. This means Reddy units can be out in the field while analysts are hard at work extracting value from Reddy data.


We offer our software either via yearly subscription or perpetual license with built-in updates. Learn more about it and see how simple it is here.