Sensu Topside Pencil Probes (PACE)

A comprehensive range of pencil probes for topside inspection using the PACE, but also compatible with Amigo 2.


SENSU™ Pencil Probe

Compatible instruments

Amigo 2, PACE

What's it for

Designed for the PACE instrument. tFerritic and Austenitic weld inspection


  • Comes in 3 orientations (Right angle (RA), Straight, Transverse).
  • LEDs to indicate scan status
  • maximum compatible probe cable length is 15m


  • 15 mm


  • 5 kHz
  • 50 kHz

Compatible cable :

  • ACFM-SENSU-CABLE-1_5M: 1.5m ACFM® SENSU® probe cable
  • ACFM-SENSU-CABLE-15M: 15m ACFM® SENSU® probe cable
  • ACFM-SENSU-CABLE-5M: 5m ACFM® SENSU® probe cable
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ACFM Sensu Pencil Probe