Eddy Current Array (ECA) Data Analysis and Reporting Software

Delivering powerful, flexible, and intuitive reporting tools, SIMS™ PRO ECA is the missing piece of the puzzle for ECA inspections, combining data visualization and reporting tools into one straightforward software. Integrating with the best-in-class Magnifi data acquisition and analysis software, this new module for SIMS PRO turns your inspection data into results that asset integrity engineers understand and truly value.

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SIMS PRO ECA Enhances Magnifi Data

Give meaning and context to your data with this new stand-alone module for SIMS PRO. Start presenting information in a way that allows your end client to understand what is happening.

  • Simple data stitching
  • Impactful visuals
  • High-quality standardized report
  • Compatible with all Magnifi surface data

Improve Spyne Pipeline Inspections

The ECA module comes with a suite of tools dedicated to Spyne™ and Sharck™ HR inspections. The software enables users to prove-up indication depths and add all grind repairs to the report. This provides pipeline operators with all the information necessary to confidently operate their assets.

It also provides key traceability of the inspection, such as the total inspection coverage, history of the setups, software versions, and probes used.

Gather all Relevant Inspection Data in One Place

  • Total coverage
  • Notes and pictures
  • Welds, supports and other features
  • Repairs
  • Prove-up and depth sizing

Indispensable for Any Large Project

Import anywhere from one to hundreds of scans and keep up with thousands of indications. For any large asset where inspection coverage is key, SIMS PRO - ECA delivers actionable results:

  • Vessels, tanks, pipelines
  • Aerospace structures
  • Civil infrastructures