Multi-Mission Modular Software for Inuktun Cameras and Crawlers

ICON™ software has been designed to be flexible and adaptable for a wide range of remote visual inspection and robotic applications.


  • The control and operations software application, ICON, has been developed using the Inuktun Multi-Mission Modular (IM3™) design philosophy.
  • It offers an ubiquitous platform for all micro-controlled Standard Products, Specialty Systems and OnSpec Custom Solutions.
  • RVI interface allows users to record video, take snapshots and tag areas of concern.
  • Remote sensor data is collected and collated frame-by-frame with RVI video.
  • It provides a common control interface across systems, i.e. how cameras are operated, how vehicles are driven.
  • Users can choose to control the system using their preferred user interface (keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, Xbox controller with configurable buttons and triggers).
  • Simple and configurable user interface allows operators to quickly learn how to operate and control systems.


ICON™ software has been developed as a flexible application that takes advantage of the modularity of your physical Inuktun inspection system, while supporting your needs to tailor the interface for a specific inspection job. We offer the exact functionality you require based on our different tier options. Features and functions are licensed and may not be included with your system*. For more information, contact our friendly and knowledgeable experts.

*The screenshots and images shown may differ from your specific applications.

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The most comprehensive level software tier, ICON Pro, is necessary for large-class and custom Inuktun robotic crawlers.

ICON Standard

Our mid-tier offering, ICON Standard or STD, is required for high definition and multi-camera inspection systems as well as our small-class vehicles.

ICON Companion

The entry-level software tier, ICON Companion or CPN, is intended to control and operate a single standard definition Inuktun camera.


Job Management

ICON jobs are used to collect the data and visual records for an inspection activity. Jobs may have attributes that can be configured and tailored allowing users to add customized fields to inspection jobs such as asset numbers, location identifiers and client names. In addition to job attributes, users can define inspection codes that can be used to identify classes of detected defects or areas of interest.

Video and Snapshot Recording

ICON records Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) video and snapshots, collating the information with sensor data collected from the vehicle mounted sensors with an ICON job.

ICON Instrument Panel and Multiple Camera (PIP) Display

A flexible user configurable instrument panel and video display panel allow you to configure the sensor and operational data that you want on-screen. Important data can be configured to remain on-screen with information overlaid (heads up display) on the video panel. Multiple video signals can be displayed so that inspection and navigation cameras display simultaneously.

Export Videos with Configurable Overlays

Recorded RVI videos can be exported either as raw or with configurable overlay templates.

User Access Management

User access is configurable allowing features to be locked, meaning that it is protected from any detrimental changes.

Automation Rules and Routines

ICON automation rules allow users to configure if-then actions within ICON software. Actions can be as simple as generating an alarm that is displayed on-screen or more complex vehicle or job actions. Automation routines add the ability to sequence rules with user interaction.

Sensor Integration

Sensors are added to ICON as a plugin. The plugin architecture allows unique sensors to be added to ICON without requiring changes to the ICON application. This provides an effective mechanism for OnSpec Custom Solutions.


Download the latest version of ICON™ software here.

Download the latest version of ICON™ Diagnostics software here.

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Intuitive user interface

Operators learn and become confident users quickly.

Simultaneously collect sensor and RVI data

Navigate in difficult-to-access locations to gather RVI and sensor information in a consolidated database.

Multiple systems with common control and operations interface

The world is full of unique applications. The IM3 design philosophy allows different vehicle configurations for unique applications. One control and operations interface drives different vehicles and systems required for varying environments.