Eddyfi Technologies Expands Offerings with Innovative Installed Sensors

If you want to put a pin in it, put a PIMS on it

From: Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Quebec, Canada, November 7, 2023 – Eddyfi Technologies, a leader in advanced non-destructive testing solutions, proudly announces its latest advancement with the acquisition of Sensor Networks and the integration of their Permanently Installed Monitoring Systems (PIMS) into the Eddyfi product portfolio. This strategic move solidifies Eddyfi's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for industries facing corrosion and erosion challenges, such as oil & gas, mining, and power generation.

The addition of installed sensors further enriches Eddyfi Technologies’ portfolio of non-intrusive inspection technologies, enabling users to access continuous, high-fidelity data for comprehensive analysis and proactive maintenance strategies. The PIMS solutions seamlessly integrate solid-state electronics and cloud-based software, ushering in a new era of data-driven precision and asset integrity monitoring.

The Director of Sales for North America, Steve Strachan, commented, "I'm thrilled to witness the successful collaboration and integration of our installed sensors into Eddyfi Technologies' product range. Our partnership combines Sensor Networks' extensive expertise in cutting-edge monitoring solutions with Eddyfi's prowess as an advanced NDT solutions provider. This amalgamation offers unparalleled potential, empowering us to deliver top-tier solutions, ensuring unmatched accuracy, safety, and innovation for our clients."

Addressing Industry Challenges

Eddyfi Technologies’ new installed sensors address longstanding industry challenges, eliminating the need for manual inspections in hazardous areas and significantly enhancing safety. By offering a comprehensive suite of monitoring solutions, Eddyfi empowers industries to optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs associated with traditional inspection methods, and ensure uninterrupted asset integrity monitoring.

The installed sensors provide various monitoring options, such as microPIMS for non-intrusive ultrasonic sensors, smartPIMS for Modbus, cellular, and datalogger configurations, matPIMS for area monitoring, and microTEMP for temperature monitoring in hazardous locations.

Seamless Fusion for Enhanced Solutions: Expanding Product Offering through Integrated Expertise

The installed sensors from Sensor Networks seamlessly fit within Eddyfi Technologies' existing product offering, complementing the company's mission to provide innovative, high-performance non-destructive testing solutions for various industries, ensuring the integrity and safety of materials and structures. This strategic integration not only widens the range of solutions available to industries but also enhances the capacity to address the unique needs and challenges they face.

Eddyfi's webPIMS cloud-based software acts as the hub for data analysis, allowing users to set alarms, trend, map, export, and report metal-loss data rates. This comprehensive software ensures easy access to critical insights and proactive decision-making.

Discover the benefits of permanently installed monitoring systems here.

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