Important changes:

  1. Wavescan now incorporates a “Connection Troubleshooter” which uses Administrator privilege to configure laptop network adapters automatically to communicate with the Teletest. This is especially useful for new or unconfigured laptops.

  2. New Teletest Focus+ model E units can be wirelessly connected to Windows 10 laptops using the “Connection Troubleshooter”. Laptops running Windows 7 and 8 will be able to connect to both the older model D (Ad-Hoc WiFi) and the new model E (Access Point WiFi).

  3. The default IP address and subnet mask of the Teletest Focus+ used by Wavescan has changed to Consequently, new or unconfigured laptops will not need to be configured in order to connect to a Teletest with this new IP address and subnet mask set.

  4. Laptops can be connected to both a Teletest Focus+ and the internet more easily if this new IP address and subnet mask are used. Please check that you can connect to your Teletest before going on-site.

Teletest Wavescan 2.4.R33783

Download Teletest Wavescan

Request the password to open your Teletest Wavescan RAR file and install procedure here.

The file must be decompressed to open properly. Use WinRAR to do so.

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