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Academic Non-Destructive Testing Training Courses

Just like an integrity engineer depends on precise measurements of the remaining wall thickness of an in-service asset, academics and researchers also rely on a comprehensive set of data to make important discoveries and informed decisions.


From the field to the laboratory, the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry continues to experience growth with the rising demand for flaw detection to help prevent failures resulting from cracks, corrosion, manufacturing defects and more. Beyond quality assurance of critical components and capital assets, NDT is used by academic professionals to:

  • Explore ways to conserve natural resources
  • Classify materials
  • Generate and/or validate welding procedures
  • Improve/optimize other manufacturing processes
  • Test new methods of both NDT and destructive evaluation
  • Benchmark the practical limits of NDT technology itself
  • Create OEM solutions.

Eddyfi Technologies has collaborated with universities and research institutes on a number of projects including, but not limited to:

  • Feasibility studies for in-development industrial processes
  • Development of OEM surface electromagnetic probes
  • Control measures for welding techniques
  • Study of Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) signals from a spectrum of defect geometries
  • Training metallurgic and material engineering students
  • Research on bandwidth and sizing capabilities of different modalities
  • Providing robotic components for remotely operated NDT solutions.
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Given that it's very mature, the NDT market is bound to grow and those seeking a career in emerging technology, engineering, or QC are well positioned for a secure career especially given the advancements in automation for the industrial manufacturing and infrastructure sectors.

There are dedicated NDT schools around the world that offer students everything from Level I certification training to four-year degree programs. When you’re accountable for educating the next generation of inspectors responsible for ensuring the structural integrity of everything from the bridges you drive on to the milk vats that provide your coffee cream, you want to make sure you’re training them with the most advanced NDT equipment. Trust these instruments to deliver.

Eddyfi Ectane® 2

The Ectane 2 is a multi-technology instrument packaged in a compact form ideal for laboratory settings. Because NDT of tubing and surfaces relies on various techniques based on application and materials present, the Ectane 2 is easily adaptable without needing external boxes or clumsy connections. It features a powerful CPU for high productivity in research projects.

M2M Panther™

The Panther is the ultimate ultrasound imaging machine that offers phased array ultrasonic testing and total focusing method imaging techniques ideal for research and development as well as procedure qualification.

Silverwing Floormap

The Floormap tank bottom inspection system employs technology heavily investigated by research facilities, Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) and Surface Topology Air-gap Reluctance Sensors (STARS). Studies include the practical capabilities of MFL in steel plate inspection including the specific bandwidth, the discrimination of top and bottom discontinuities with MFL and STARS, among other academic collaborations. The Floormap is offers the advanced data results required for material characterization research projects and more.

Teletest Focus+™

The Focus+ leverages guided wave ultrasonic testing to cover a larger inspection area than any other technique can in a single test. This productive method of inspection is ideal for collecting data on tubular structures used for condition monitoring and opportunities for fabrication optimizations.

TSC Amigo™ 2

The Amigo 2 is an Alternating Current Field Measurement instrument that not only detects but also provides precise sizing of surface breaking cracks through paint and coatings on test pieces. Having access to this kind of information is helpful for defining limits and making recommendations for an asset’s lifecycle. Discover how ACFM® sets the standard for surface inspection in this eBook.

Inuktun MaggHD™

The MaggHD is a remotely operated robotic crawler designed to access otherwise inaccessible locations and provide real-time visual data of capital assets and infrastructure. Robotics are increasingly being used in NDT and understanding their full potential is an active theme found across institutes globally. Take a closer look at robotics for NDT data collection in this eBook.

Did you know that the Eddyfi Academy offers a range of online training courses covering everything from the NDT basics to best practices to get the most out of your equipment? Check it out here.

Regardless of where you’re conducting your analysis, it all starts with knowing that you’re working with repeatable, actionable, measurable, and preventative data results. Eddyfi Technologies offers advanced phased array ultrasonic testing, eddy current array and other ultrasonic and electromagnetic equipment to enable students, teachers, and researchers alike to stay Beyond Current. Contact our NDT experts to learn how we can help optimize your data collection and analysis operations today.

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