Eddyfi annonce la sortie d'une nouvelle version de Capture™

The most advanced TFM toolbox for portable phased array UT

From: Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Paris, France, March 4, 2020 – Eddyfi Technologies is excited to announce the release of Capture™ version 3.1. Capture is the software driving both the M2M Gekko® and the M2M Mantis™ portable instruments and was the first commercial software of its kind to offer real-time TFM (Total Focusing Method). Since 2013, the software has continuously evolved to offer more and more advanced features, while keeping a strong focus on simplicity and ease of use for thousands of users worldwide.

This latest version is a major milestone for the M2M product line: with Codes and Standards now incorporating TFM as a recognized NDT technique, Capture is the best ally to make sure that every aspect of the setup is code compliant. If offers the best TFM on the market and comes with best-in-class wizards to minimize ramp-up time for new operators. Thanks to the new Amplitude Fidelity wizard, the software validates experimentally that the TFM grid size is adequate for the inspection – while some manufacturers only offer a theoretical calculation, adding an experimental validation is key to ensure proper sensitivity and success in real-life conditions.

One of the most striking innovations in this latest Capture version is a new kind of TFM called Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) coming from the medical world. “Because we have been working on TFM for years, we feel it is our responsibility to always be on the lookout for cutting-edge variations and technological improvements. PWI is a form of TFM that allows for unprecedented scanning speed, while offering improved sensitivity and code compliance. With Capture, customers will always have the fastest TFM on the market. After all, TFM is more than just an image.” says Fred Reverdy, long-time M2M and CEA ultrasonic expert.

Significant efforts have also been invested to provide new analysis tools, both on the portable instruments and for PC users. Capture PRO is an optional PC-based version that allows advanced data analysis with 3D data overlays and assisted sizing. Greg Benoist, Capture Product Manager stresses: “The idea is to offer all features in one software platform, with one graphical user interface. There is no need for third party tools or plugins: Capture takes you from setup configuration – including scan plans – to advanced analysis and complete reporting all in a coherent ecosystem with a familiar, convivial interface reducing training requirements and facilitating optimal inspection results, whether you use a portable flaw detector or the PC software.”

Finally, ergonomics has been improved on all levels of the interface: from data manipulation to quick-access shortcuts, Capture is constantly improving to remain the easiest software to use for PAUT and TFM. “Our robust roadmap is filled with innovative features. As a nimble organization, we keep listening to what customers are saying and this is a driving force for us. I have no doubt customers will love the upcoming releases of the software.” says Guillaume Neau, Director of M2M products.

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