Eddyfi Technologies Proudly Introduces Magnifi® Software Version 5.0

Bringing yet another first with the AI-ECT detection engine

From: Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Eddyfi Technologies proudly introduces the latest software update to Magnifi® with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for eddy current tube testing.

Quebec, Canada, August 2, 2022 — Originally launched in 2011, Magnifi software for both surface and tubing inspections is the reference in electromagnetic non-destructive testing operations across the globe. Today, Eddyfi Technologies pushes the bar even higher with the release of Magnifi 5.0, designed to increase confidence and productivity with the company’s premiere artificial intelligence (AI) tools for eddy current testing (ECT) tubing inspection. A gamechanger for the industry, this new version with AI is a true technical innovation.

Using a patent pending detection process with AI neural networks, full tube length data can be verified at the tubesheet and analysts will get a second opinion on ECT tubing data to increase both confidence level and productivity. Moreover, new analysis tools such as defect grouping and data file sorting allows analysts to identify the essential indications faster. The AI setup wizard and the new analysis functionalities are also designed to be flexible, user-friendly, and well-integrated in the workflow. Setup time takes approximately two minutes and training on the new functionality no more than half an hour for a Magnifi user. The robust R&D department of Eddyfi Technologies has meticulously designed the AI algorithms to be continuously improved and trained to achieve higher performance, ensuring futureproof tubing inspections and more. The AI-ECT detection engine puts the operator in full control with AI to assist; it is the best of both worlds with high confidence in that final inspection report.

New software features have been implemented to support analysis including an optimized data list, codeview overhaul, DQV test using AI, an intuitive grouping tool, and convenient keyboard shortcuts for report entry.

Finally, a new cloud-based licensing system eliminates the associated hardware key hassles —broken, lost, wet— and enables activation in a matter of seconds, with the option to easily deactivate and reactivate to facilitate sharing. It is worth noting that TubePro, the complete 2D/3D reporting software for heat exchanger tubing inspections, has also gone dongle-free as Eddyfi Technologies anticipates the needs of the ever-evolving digital world.

The answer to increased efficiency and highest quality inspection reports is here with Magnifi 5.0. The Beyond Current future is now, and Eddyfi Technologies is just getting started with the dawn of AI in NDT.

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