New Standard Surface ECA Probe Line

From: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eddyfi™ is thrilled to launch a complete line of standard eddy current array (ECA) probes for surface inspections. The products are described in the first version of the catalog, available on the Web site.

Featuring more than 20 different models, the new family of probes is designed to address common applications and typical defects such as subsurface cracks, surface-breaking cracks, and corrosion.

The new probe line is leveraging Eddyfi’s extensive experience in developing high-performance ECA probes. Various mechanical designs allow inspecting geometries such as plates, pipes, nozzles, welds, and even complex and irregular surfaces.

“Eddy current array adoption has suffered due to the customization, long lead times, and relatively high costs involved. With this new standard probe line, Eddyfi is making it easier for anyone to benefit from the massive advantages of array technology. And this is only the beginning; Eddyfi has several products under development that will definitely help the market convert to array technology,” said Martin Theriault, president of Eddyfi.

The company is especially proud to introduce the I-Flex™, the all-round best flexible, plug-and-play ECA probe in the industry. This super flexible, yet robust ECA probe offers multiple built-in topologies (activation modes) and uses real coils – no PCB-based alternatives – to deliver the best possible signal quality and response to target flaws.

Click here to view the new probe line or download the complete catalog.

Seasoned NDT Experts Join Eddyfi’s Management Team

Eddyfi is proud to announce the addition of Simon Labbe and Joe Renaud to its management team. Mr. Labbe is appointed Vice President of Sales. He has extensive business development and sales experience in the NDT industry, having namely acted as Vice President of Global Sales at Olympus NDT in the past.

Joe Renaud joins as Director, Steam Generator Inspection Technologies. Mr. Renaud’s past work experience includes occupying key positions at Westinghouse, Eddytech, R/D Tech, Zetec, and AECL.

The arrival of these seasoned professionals is another indication of the direction of Eddyfi’s global growth strategy.