Padded ECA Probes

These probes adapt to geometry variations in almost every direction.


  • Friction-resistant contact surface pad
  • Rugged casing
  • Retractable contact pins
  • Two sizes: S, M
  • Compatible with our standard, click-on encoder


Padded probes are perfect for examining weld beads, as well as transition and heat-affected zones. The probes’ unique, proprietary design also allows detecting surface cracks in welds with minimal surface preparation. Furthermore, the probes’ membrane is extra-tough to better withstand friction. Like other Eddyfi® surface probes, padded probes come in a wide variety of frequency brackets, number of coils, and two casing sizes: small and medium.


  • Fully flexible contact surface that adapts to geometry variations
  • Inspect welds with minimum surface preparation
  • High-resistance to wear and tear



  • 34–58 mm (1.34–2.20 in) depending on model
Minimum crack length
  • 0.5–1.0 mm (0.02–0.04 in) depending on model