Complete 2D/3D pre-inspection and reporting software for tubing inspections.

TubePro™ is the reference in tubing inspection reporting. Based on ISS’ 30+ years of experience in developing software applications for the petrochemical and power generation industries, TubePro includes many tools that will allow the inspection companies to report faster and the asset owner to get the most complete results.

What's new in TubePro 5.6

  • Cloud-based licensing system offering more flexibility and license activation in seconds.
  • Tube numbering displayed in PDF 3D model.
  • Optimized database management for project properties now available in the templates, improving efficiency and standardization of final reports.
  • Complete report header editor for the Inspection Data table.
  • Representation of tube-to-tube heat exchanger inspection results, allowing users to compare data over time.
  • Display of the shell, solid or transparent, on the 3D models.



Complete reporting capabilities

From the preparation of your inspection all the way to the generation of the PDF report, TubePro offers industry-leading features to increase productivity and standardize reporting process for inspection companies.

For asset owners, receiving a TubePro report is the proof that you have access to the most comprehensive reporting tools on the market. It offers a greater insight onto the results and a better assessment of the equipment.

Real-time interaction

Working in close relationship with the experienced TubePro team, we have created a link to instantly update your tube list into Magnifi. Using the Photo & Drawing Detection Tool, the user can quickly create the tube sheet for the inspection, then directly send it to Magnifi to perform the inspection. This new feature simplifies the 2D tube sheet creation and reduces the user risk of error.

Report synchronization

The interaction link with Magnifi also offers real-time 2D/3D report synchronization. No more export/import back and forth to get your data from the acquisition software to TubePro.

When Magnifi and TubePro are working side-by-side, you always get an instant report status.

2D/3D photo and drawing detection

To help the inspection company be more productive, we have added an assisted photodetection tool. For pictures, you can import the file and then select the region where you want TubePro to detect the tubes. In an instant, all the tubes are displayed in your map and you are ready to create the numbering.

For PDF, DXF, and DWG, it is even easier with a 100% detection rate. This tool is especially handy for large bundles with complex shapes, even with over 10,000 tubes.

Support multiple data sets and reports

Two data sets can be added and analyzed in the same report, increasing the added value of your report and the asset owner’s confidence level in the results

This feature enables the user to instantly visualize the current condition of the bundle and compare it to previously recorded data. Therefore, the client is in the best disposition to identify trends and take immediate actions to protect his asset.

Moreover, this feature can analyze inspections performed using two different techniques on the same bundle. e.g., if a bundle is tested with RFT and some tubes are rescanned with IRIS, both results can be shown in a comparison view.

Comparative capabilities have been added, allowing users to compare tube-to-tube results of a heat exchanger inspection over time.


3D modeling available on PDF report

Stepping up once again the standard for inspection reporting, you can now insert your 3D model in your PDF report. Simple to use, it increases the confidence of the asset owner in the results and demonstrates greater attention to detail. With this new feature, the final customer can rotate and zoom the model to visualize the defect locations directly in the PDF, thus simplifying the assessment of equipment integrity.

TubePro 4 report template import

With TubePro, you can now import your TMI legacy report directly. Get up to speed on the latest reporting features in no time and without starting your report from scratch.
  • Excel report editor added, for more flexibility;
  • Drawings get transferred;
  • Document properties are kept;
  • 3D model included in your report project.