Celebrating 10 years of Advancing NDT

Eddyfi was created 10 years ago

From: Saturday, November 9, 2019


From a young start-up then, Eddyfi Technologies has become a Group and a key player in the NDT Equipment business. Eddyfi now features 6 brands, over 475 employees, and customers in more than 110 countries.

Eddyfi started in the aftermath of the 2008-2009 recession with the humble ambition to change the NDT industry. To achieve it, it adopted a hi-end / advanced positioning and a mission to ‘’push the limits NDT Technology’’.

Eddyfi defined its culture and values around its passion for technology, focus on our clients, and being entrepreneurs. Those were key requirements for a new company that wanted to establish itself and prove its relevancy to the market.

Eddyfi Technologies is much more today than the original Eddyfi brand created in November 2009 in Quebec City. Today’s success is the result of synergies and new relations born from the acquisitions of the Silverwing, TSC, Teletest, M2M and Inuktun product lines, which each joined us strong of their own history- some dating back several years decades- and their own successes that, when combined with ours, shape the portrait of Eddyfi Technologies as we know it today.

‘’We had some dreams but, in all honesty, we never thought that Eddyfi could have become what it is today. This realisation – building a great technology NDT business – deserves to be celebrated and recognized. And to do so, we are very grateful to individuals and companies that have trusted and chosen us over the years. Several clients literally took a leap of faith, and we will be forever grateful for their early support. In addition, I want to thank the individuals and corporations that chose us to acquire their businesses and allow the creation of the Eddyfi Technologies Group. Finally, to the core Eddyfi employees and those that joined us through the acquisitions, thank you for embracing the mission and the vision to create a great NDT Equipment company.’’ said Martin Theriault, co-founder and CEO of Eddyfi Technologies.

The theme of the 10-year celebrations will be the Power of Ten. It's a strong concept, a nice nod to the science behind all the technologies that strengthen Eddyfi Technologies’ mission to push the boundaries of the NDT industry. Power of Ten brings the idea of a strong base, such as the one that was put in place in 2009, that is exponentially stronger when multiplied and empowered. We thought it was a nice parallel that allowed us to celebrate our significant growth, while hinting at the future of the company.