Eddyfi Doubles its Québec Facility to Face Growth Challenge

From: Thursday, February 5, 2015

Québec, Canada, February 5, 2015 — Eddyfi is expanding rapidly and has outgrown the current capacity of its head office in Québec, Canada. Today, Eddyfi doubles its floor space from 14,000 ft2 to 29,000 ft2 by securing a second floor at its headquarter in the Québec Metro High Tech Park. Roughly 35% of the 100 employees of Eddyfi’s head office — all of R&D, essentially — have moved to the new floor, giving us the much needed floor space we need to continue growing.

This is a major expansion as well as a turning point for the company, because it will enable Eddyfi’s R&D and manufacturing activities to grow significantly. To highlight the growth, the company occupied 2,900 ft2 in early 2012 — one tenth the current space. The real estate increase adds to our France office opened in 2012 and our Texas office opened in 2014. Eddyfi is also set to inaugurate offices in Abu Dhabi later in 2015.

“We are thrilled by this move,” said Martin Thériault, president and CEO. “The added space will allow us to go ahead with a much needed ramp up of our operations and to better serve our customers operating in fast-paced environments. Furthermore, this allows us to isolate our development teams and expedite our development roadmap and projects. As such, the next 12 months will be particularly rich in new product introduction and game-changing NDT technologies, very much like we recently did with tangential eddy current array (TECA™) and the Sharck™ probes.”

About Eddyfi

Headquartered in the advanced NDT hub of Québec, Canada, with offices in Europe and the USA, Eddyfi focuses on offering high-end eddy current and electromagnetic solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets. Eddyfi has customers in more than 50 countries in such major industries as nuclear, power generation, oil & gas, and aerospace.

Eddyfi employs the world’s most renowned experts in the field of advanced eddy currents and electromagnetics, and their mission is to push the limits of these technologies to new heights. Eddyfi develops the industry’s best performing and most reliable test instruments, acquisition and analysis software, as well as standard but more importantly, specialized surface array and tubing probes. Eddyfi has the expertise, engineering, and manufacturing flexibility to supply fully integrated and specially made solutions that deliver superior performance to our customers.

At Eddyfi, performance matters.