Eddyfi Launches Probot™

From: Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A strong, compact, and light high-performance probe pusher system

Dedicated to electromagnetic inspection technologies, Eddyfi is pleased to announce the launch of the highly advanced Probot probe pusher system. It is easy to transport and set up, requires no compressed air, has a small footprint, and offers the robustness required by the industry. Probot also makes one-person inspection a reality, a revolution in the industry. The probe pusher system is designed to dramatically and safely increase inspection speed, while maintaining high-quality results.

Furthermore, Probot is designed with versatility in mind, exceeding the requirements of balance of plant (BoP) inspections, while offering other markets an extraordinary productivity-enhancing tool. By automating probe motion to inspect heat exchangers, the system always yields accurate and reliable data at speeds optimized for the technique.

Joe Renaud, Probot product manager says: “The need for a light and compact probe pusher system that can be operated by a single person was essential to the oil and gas, BoP and tubing inspection industries. This simple-to-use probe pusher always yields accurate and reliable results at speeds optimized for the inspection technique being used. It is a major evolution over existing probe pusher systems on the market that are heavy, bulky, and take a lot of time to set up.”

Probot is compatible with industry-standard probes and is fully integrated into Eddyfi’s product lineup. It is designed to enhance the operation of our most innovative tubing probes. Configure and control Probot with Magnifi, the most advanced multi-technology software for tube inspections. Adding the Ectane test instrument to the mix creates the most powerful heat exchanger inspection system on the market.

About Eddyfi

Headquartered in the advanced NDT hub of Québec, Canada, with offices in France, the USA, and the UAE, Eddyfi focuses on offering high-performance eddy current and electromagnetic solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets. Eddyfi has customers in more than 50 countries in such major industries as nuclear, power generation, oil & gas, and aerospace.

We also employ the world’s most renowned experts in the field of advanced eddy currents and electromagnetics, and they have the mission to push the limits of these technologies to new heights. Eddyfi develops the industry’s best performing and most reliable test instruments, acquisition and analysis software, as well as standard but, more importantly, specialized surface array and tubing probes. Eddyfi has the expertise, engineering, and manufacturing flexibility to supply fully integrated and specially made solutions that deliver superior performance to our customers.

At Eddyfi, performance matters.