Eddyfi Launches Tank Floor Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) Probe

From: Thursday, October 13, 2016

Expanding the Lyft™ PEC probe lineup, this super-thin titanium blade probe is designed for the in-service inspection of storage tank annular rings.

As a world leader in advanced electromagnetic inspection technologies, Eddyfi is proud to launch the tank floor PEC probe. This probe was developed for the in-service inspection of storage tank annular rings. No other inspection technique can currently achieve this without emptying tanks. With its super-thin 4.8 mm (0.2 in) titanium blade, the probe can slide up to 400 mm (16 in) under tank floor edges to assess the remaining wall thickness of this critical region exposed to corrosion. This latest addition to the Lyft solution makes it possible to include storage tank annular rings in asset integrity management (AIM) programs, minimizing the risks of unforeseen and potentially hazardous failures.

Eddyfi used all its know-how to develop this probe and included support for features customers already appreciate from our existing standard Lyft probes—the built-in remote controls and status LEDs, for example—for efficient one-person operation. The tank floor probe’s bottom surface is also magnetically shielded, maximizing sensitivity for optimal component analysis and protection against signal distortion from potential disruptive ferromagnetic structures. Finally, the probe’s titanium blade is designed to withstand harsh field conditions.

“This new addition to the Lyft family further demonstrates our commitment to pulsed eddy current technology and how we will continue to tackle new applications,” said Martin Turgeon, instruments and PEC product manager at Eddyfi. “One of the main advantages of pulsed eddy current is its ability to be used as an in-service screening tool to assess general corrosion, something this new probe does perfectly.”

About Eddyfi Technologies

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