Eddyfi Technologies launches Silverwing R-Scan UT Inspection Solution

From: Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Silverwing R-Scan, the new handheld portable B-Scan system. Greatly improves Probability of Detection and data quality of ultrasonic inspections

As a world leader in advanced non-destructive testing solutions, Eddyfi Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the R-Scan dry-coupled ultrasonic inspection solution.

Designed for a wide variety of applications ranging from 50 mm (2 in) diameter up to flat plate, R-Scan records thickness measurement every 1 mm of the scanned area. The recorded data sets are displayed in a cross sectional B-scan view, helping to reveal corrosion and other in-service defects, improving Probability of Detection, increasing speed and overall inspection quality.

Owners of the Scorpion2 remote access crawler system only need to purchase the R-Scan head to increase their inspection capabilities, as the Swift ultrasonic instruments is shared across the product range.

Globally assets are aging and inspection regimes are being intensified to ensure the safe operation of these assets. As a result the demand for agile inspection equipment is rising. Single spot wall thickness measurements are considered insufficient and the industry has been demanding inspection confidence by expanding the inspection coverage.

Combining the R-Scan handheld, dry-coupled scanner with the Swift ultrasonic data acquisition instrument delivers a simple to use, battery-operated, portable ultrasonic inspection system capable of measuring wall thicknesses between 2.5 mm and 100 mm. The software is packed with unique and intuitive features all designed to improve productivity, data quality and overall user experience.

An important feature which enables high quality thickness measurements is the floating gates functionality, which improves accuracy by tracking signal amplitude.

The latest Swift acquisition software is also introducing a true tracking gate and auto gain adjustments function. These unique options will ensure the measurement gate follows the wall thickness profile and allow for quick and on the spot signal strength adjustment.

R-Scan system is available as an extension to your existing Scorpion2 system, as an upgrade or as a standalone system.

Edwin Van Der Leden, product manager at Eddyfi Technologies, comments: “The arrival of the R-Scan system is something our customers have been waiting for. It’s the perfect addition to the Scorpion2 system, it is capable of completing tank inspections where a remote and automated crawler such as the scorpion2 cannot be deployed. Pipes and nozzles are only two example areas.

We also see great opportunities in power-gen applications including wind turbines and our prominent market sector of pressure vessel inspection will also be delighted by the renewed compatibility with the Swift Scorpion2 platform. Fast completion of NII inspection have now come another step closer. This will translate into increased revenue for our customers and asset owner’s world wide.

For details about the solution, visit www.silverwingndt.com

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