End of Active Life for Inuktun Tracks, Delta Crawlers, UT & Cam

From: Friday, November 20, 2020

The purpose of this communication is to announce and inform our customers about the end of active life for the products listed here. These products have been in the field for numerous years and have proven themselves to be reliable and trusted by companies worldwide. However due to increasing problems in sourcing replacement parts for repairs and occasional maintenance, the products are entering the end of active life phase of their product life cycle.

Having already introduced more capable alternatives, we will gradually reduce support over the coming months as we move toward the end of life. Maintenance and service will be supported on a best-effort basis for units delivered to our Nanaimo office before the end of life mentioned below. Beyond the end of life date products will no longer be supported, maintenance and repairs will no longer be available.

Download the official End of Active Life notification