Introducing TSC Amigo2: The Evolution of ACFM

From: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Over its 30-year history, ACFM® technology has developed a solid reputation for accurately detecting and sizing surface-breaking cracks through paint and coatings. The original Amigo ACFM instrument has since earned a reputation for its ruggedness, reliability, and ease of use. As the industry demands better performance in speed, signal quality and portability, it’s time for an evolution. It’s time for Amigo2.

Eddyfi Technologies is proud to bring to the market TSC Amigo2, a solution built on the foundations of ACFM and designed for evolution. With users in mind, the company engineered what will be a game-changer in the industry, enabling faster inspections and providing better data, playing a key role in asset integrity management.

New Amigo2 customers will benefit from the backward compatibility with original Amigo and Pace® probes. The new equipment features a Sensu2 connector, which will be used by a new generation of ACFM probes—manual and array. Amigo2’s main focus is detecting and sizing surface-braking cracks in a variety of metal components through paint and coatings. The new self-contained design removes the need for a remote computer and cables, enhancing portability, and it gives operators versatility in their work methods, whether to control the system remotely or directly at the inspection location.

“When we decided to start working on evolving the original Amigo system, we really put ourselves in our customers’ boots. We wanted to improve on a solution that they liked, based on the solid reputation of a technology they’ve known and used for many years, and work on bringing it to the next level with features and elements that would directly impact their day-to-day inspections,” said Martin Turgeon, TSC general manager at Eddyfi Technologies.

“We committed to evolve ACFM and, with Amigo2, we open the door to high-speed, large-array applications. Our engineering team led us to this turning point in the history of ACFM and we are confident in the impact it will have on the industry,” adds Dr Michael Smith, technical director at Eddyfi Technologies. “Furthermore, the essence of what the operators loved about ACFM and the original Amigo system is carried over to Amigo2 with Bx/Bz traces and butterfly display. We worked on the interface to offer our users a highly intuitive access to all software functions. The advanced signal acquisition and processing system enables faster data processing, better data resolution—up to 14 times that of the analog Amigo—and it increases the detectability of small defects. Operators can configure inspections directly on the system and generate reports in an instant,” concludes Dr Smith.

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