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From: Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The flaw detector that fits in with results that stand out...

Quebec, Canada, May 2, 2023 – Eddyfi Technologies, a leading manufacturer of advanced inspection technology equipment, proudly announces the launch of Panther™ 2, the ultimate solution for the fastest and most versatile industrial inspections with phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) and total focusing method (TFM). Panther 2 is ideal for manufacturing, laboratory, and field environments, making it a truly unique and flexible non-destructive testing tool. It delivers advanced inspection results at unprecedented speeds thanks to phased array flash mode; it is perfect for research and development, procedure qualification, and industrial inspections. Featuring new electronics and a signature black redesign, the next-generation Panther is built to perfection and built for perfection, standing up to even the harshest industrial environments.

NDT inspection should not be the bottleneck in the production cycle as productivity is key. With tremendous processing power and high-data throughput between the instrumentation and monitoring computer, Panther 2 meets the speed and resolution requirements of the most demanding applications. It is scalable up to 16 stackable units working together for up to 2,048 channels.

“Inspection quality or the minimum size of the indications being detected, leaves much to be desired, and the TFM technique can help but the inspection speed needs to be compatible with the expected productivity of automated systems. Panther 2 provides ultra-fast modes for higher productivity, fast and robust data throughput for uninterrupted productivity, and industrial speed for TFM. The complete TFM toolbox includes access to elementary A-scans for online or offline TFM processing. Everyone will benefit from improved inspection capabilities with more accurate sizing that can reduce the oversizing of indications and in the aftermath reduce their costs.” – Thierry Couturier, Product Manager

The acquisition software, Acquire™, is fully compatible with CIVA and ULTIS software for simulation, experimentation and advanced analysis. Panther 2 is also compatible with Capture™ software, typically found embedded on Eddyfi Technologies’ Gekko® and Mantis™ portable PAUT instruments. For service providers, Panther 2 provides self-explanatory images for their clients, which can help facilitate communication without requiring a high level of NDT expertise. Panther 2 offers a complete software ecosystem that provides flexibility at your fingertips with a software development kit (SDK) readily available. One can easily automate inspection with access to raw data with the SDK. This compatibility makes it easy for users to integrate Panther 2 into their existing inspection systems.

“I particularly appreciate the flexibility of Acquire combined with the power of the Panther. Acquire allows you to develop new techniques, like PWI/pitch and catch, from concept to qualification which has not been available on any other platform until now.” – Laurent Le Ber, Non-Destructive Testing Engineer, Naval Group

Available for purchase now, Panther 2 is the unmatched industrial PAUT/TFM predator in terms of speed, reliability, and ease of data interpretation for quality revealed faster. Whether you are working in metallurgy, aerospace, power generation, or rail and automotive industries, Panther 2 has the speed and versatility to meet your inspection needs.

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