OnSpec Custom Solutions

for adapting to atypical conditions, specific technology integration, and full multi-mission modular custom design of robotic crawlers and inspection camera systems

While nearly all our standard Inuktun product offering is well suited for most remote visual inspection and other remote operations, sometimes an OnSpec custom solution may be required for atypical conditions.


  • Ability to access extremely confined spaces
  • Capacity to go incredibly deep


The Right Solution. Every Time.

With a proven history of creating unique robotic solutions that others wouldn’t dare attempt, the Inuktun brand maximizes multi-mission modular technology to solve otherwise unanswered industry inspection problems. One of the great advantages for Eddyfi Technologies’ clients is dealing directly with a vendor who is willing to listen and create bespoke solutions to unique problems that fall “outside the box”.

Trust Eddyfi Technologies to deliver exactly what you need when you need it. We're here to help solve your inspection challenge.

We are onsite for you every day, whatever the conditions, with our standard product line of tireless, efficient workhorses. From the miniature magnetic crawler family to the mid-range VersaTrax™ vehicles, these are the systems you want to acquire off-the-shelf and maintain at the ready. Whether performing scheduled preventative maintenance or ad-hoc inspections, Eddyfi Technologies inspection robotic crawler solutions makes dollars and sense… 24/7/360°.

We also offer heavier-duty and more specialized systems on demand, including long and ultra long-range and vertical crawlers. For unscheduled assessments, hazardous interventions, confined space tooling, emergency inspections and more, you need precisely the right system, just in time.

OnSpec Custom Solutions

We are OnSpec when the job calls for new ideas and fresh approaches. Whether it’s about integrating a unique OEM module, adapting proven technology for atypical conditions or designing a custom solution from scratch, Eddyfi Technologies' experts will sit down with you to fully understand the exact nature of the problem, before scoping the optimal solution for your needs.

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In the crowded and competitive inspection services landscape, being able to collect more and better data is critical. With our OnSpec custom solutions (including comprehensive design studies and dedicated engineering project management), inspectors can get the specific information required to make integral and strategic business decisions for the remaining useful life of capital assets and infrastructure. In an era where there's need to operate aging assets at high capacities for longer periods, structural integrity assessments require as much detailed information as possible.

Inspect the unexpected with Eddyfi Technologies robotic crawler technology. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf standard product, a specialty system, or an OnSpec custom solution, we have the robotic tool for your remote visual inspection and non-destructive testing requirements.

Beyond Inspection

We offer OnSpec Robotics for remote industrial applications that fall outside of non-destructive testing. Visit our dedicated site to learn more and get in touch with our robotic experts!

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