PAUT Probes & Wedges

Phased Array (PAUT) Probes for corrosion mapping and weld inspection

Eddyfi Technologies ensures full compatibility between the probes, wedges and its portable equipment. Probes are compatible with most scanner manufacturers (JIREH, PHOENIX, EKOSCAN, etc.). M2M probes are designed by Eddyfi Technologies and manufactured by recognized and well-known probe manufacturers.

*Probe specifications can be customized upon request.


G1 Casing Probe

Small casing, general-purpose linear phased array UT probes, either 5MHz with 16 elements or 10MHz with 32 elements.

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G2 Casing Probe

Medium casing, general-purpose linear phased array UT probes, either 5MHz with 32 elements or 10MHz with 64 elements.

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G3 Casing Probe

Large casing, general-purpose linear phased array UT probes, either 5MHz with 64 elements or 7.5MHz with 64 elements.

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The naming nomenclature is as follows:

Number of elements – Frequency in MHz – type of array (linear or matrix) – type of casing

  • Ex1: 64L5-G3 is a 64-element linear array at 5 MHz, fitted in a G3 casing.
  • Ex2: 64M10-G2 is a 64-element matrix array at 10 MHz, fitted in a G2 casing.

Dual MATRIX Array Probe

Optimized Solid Wedges

Optimized-design for minimum footprint, carbide bids, drains and irrigation (IHC option), as well as optimized sliding geometry, is accounted for, for all wedges. These wedges are compatible with the probes described above. All wedges are marked with the M2M logo and reference name (e.g., I0-G, I36-G2, etc.), the incidence angle in degrees and the nominal sound-path distance in millimeters. The nominal sound-path trajectory (line) is also engraved on both sides of the wedge.

The naming nomenclature is as follows: incidence angle – type of casing – option

  • Ex1: I36-G2 is a 36-degree incidence wedge for a G2 size probe
  • Ex2: I20-G3-HT is a 20-degree incidence wedge for a G3 size probe for high-temperature
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IHC for G1, G2, and G3 Probes

Surrounding frame containing IHC (Irrigation, scanner Holes, and Carbide wear pins) is required for all wedges. Total width for each probe to be 40 mm (1.57 in). Fixture points must be compatible with JIREH, PHOENIX and EKOSCAN scanners (8 mm/0.315 in diameter fixture holes).

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High-temperature Wedges (up to 150°C/300°F)

For each G1, G2 and G3 casing, high-temperature wedges exist for 0-degree, 20-degree and 36-degree incidence.

  • Lifetime: 4x longer than a standard wedge.

Optimized Flexible Wedges

This size-optimized soft wedges (water-filled membrane) are developed by IMASONIC. Three kits are available for both normal L-wave incidence and 55-degree S-wave incidence. Below is the non-final design of the G1-Soft Kit. Each kit comes with 2 × soft wedges frames, 2 × spare membranes for L0 configuration and 2 × spare membranes for SW55 configuration. The kit does not include a probe. These soft-wedges are compatible with IMASONIC probes series G1, G2 and G3, OLYMPUS probes series A10, A11 and A12, and with EKOSCAN probes series G1 G2 and G3, and with most scanning devices such as JIREH, EKOSCAN, PHOENIX etc.