NDT Ultrasonic (UT) Scanners

Scan and see what doesn't meet the eye

Eddyfi Technologies offers packaged solutions with probes, wedges, and scanners for advanced phased array ultrasonic testing, or PAUT, weld inspection and corrosion mapping operations. Powered by a line-up of industry's favorite data acquisition instruments, our NDT scanners keep you Beyond Current.


Corrosion Mapping Scanners

Automated Corrosion Mapping

The robust, field-proven Automatic robotic scanning head has been successfully deployed on various assets such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipelines and other critical structures in harsh environments including oil and gas, offshore, mining and critical assets.

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NDT Sweeper – Semi-Automated Corrosion Mapping

The handheld NDT sweeper is a highly versatile semi-automated 2D encoded scanner which can virtually replace multiple specialized scanners due to its ability to perform corrosion mapping and weld inspections. The scanner is the perfect solution for the inspection of complex geometry components including curved surfaces, flat plate, pipelines, and restricted access areas.

Thanks to its small, lightweight, and ergonomic design, NDT Sweeper can easily scan in many difficult-to-reach areas eliminating the need to deploy an automatic scanner in those situations. Unlike wheel probes, both axes are encoded so there is no need to draw an index line on the specimen when scanning.

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LYNCS CM – Semi-Automated Corrosion Mapping

LYNCS CM is an advanced modular ultrasonic inspection scanner that has been designed by experts to provide Phased Array (PAUT) corrosion mapping and PAUT/TOFD weld integrity assessment. It is the first truly versatile system that allows users to interchange between weld inspection and advanced corrosion mapping in less than 1 minute.

Onboard scanner controls for seamless integration with the M2M Gekko and Mantis instruments. In weld inspection mode operators, can start and stop a scan. In corrosion mapping mode, operators can increment or stitch data together without touching the PAUT instrument.

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NDT PaintBrush - Semi-automated Corrosion Mapping

The NDT PaintBrush has set a new market benchmark for corrosion mapping. This extremely agile scanner can do both flat surface and curved surface inspection, increasing inspection confidence by providing 100% area coverage.

The product's intuitive operation makes corrosion mapping quick and straightforward. Coupled with the TOPAZ ultrasonic instrument family and UltraVision software, NDT PaintBrush is one of the best solutions available for corrosion and wall-thickness mapping.

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ElbowFlex – Semi-Automated Corrosion Mapping

The ElbowFlex scanner is the perfect tool for quick, manual ultrasonic inspections of pipe elbows. It is ideal for detecting and measuring different types of flaws including corrosion pitting, mid-wall lamination and can measure remaining wall thickness.

The highly versatile ElbowFlex scanner can scan on both the straight and elbow parts of a pipe. It is designed so that one flexible phased array probe can inspect pipes and elbows from 100 mm (4 in) nominal pipe size (115 mm/4.5 in) to flat.

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FlexTrack - Automated Corrosion Mapping

FlexTrack is a versatile automated XY scanner on a flexible track that can be configured for many inspection applications of aerospace structures both in production and maintenance.

The FlexTrack scanner comprises of a motorized actuator installed on a module that moves on a flexible track. It allows for raster scanning in both directions with the arm being the scan axis and the track the index axis, and vice versa.

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Weld Inspection Scanners


LYNCS WI weld inspection configuration can accommodate up to 6 PA and/or TOFD probes and has a dual-bar structure for enhanced stability and probe placement accuracy. It is a toolless scanner with an interchangeable design, making it ideally suited to all weld inspection configurations.

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LYNCS AXIAL is a bolt-on option for the LYNCS WI. Additional capabilities include weld inspection (PAUT, ToFD & TFM) of seamed pipework such as electric resistance welded (ERW) pipes and vessel seam welds, both ferrous and non-ferrous.

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LYNCS Chain is a bolt-on option for the LYNCS WI or LYNCS CM providing fast and precise inspection of pipes ranging from 100mm (4in) to 812mm (32in).

The LYNCS chain increases weld and corrosion inspection capabilities on non-ferrous piping such as stainless steel and High-density polyethylene (HDPE). The design offers incredible alignment and stability while maintaining full use of the LYNCS superior advantages, such as onboard controls promoting a one-person operation.

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Nozzle Scanner (3-axis)

A versatile manual scanning solution developed for the inspection of nozzle welds. Available for two-axis and three-axis instruments and adaptable to cover a wide range of 90-degree nozzle sizes, from 76.2 mm (3 in) upwards, on ferritic and austenitic materials. The Nozzle scanner is natively Gekko compatible. Only 127 mm (5 in) clearance.

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PAUT Brush Scanner (3-axis)

MATRYX encoded rotating arm: Encoded rotating arm used in order to perform 2D ultrasonic mapping (C-scan) with standard phased array probe. This scanner uses 3 encoders (see detail in “MATRYX quick start” documentation.

Two fixing systems are available: Magnets and vacuums.

This package contains:

  • 1 × MATRYX with two encoded axes
  • 2 × encoding cables
  • 1 × adjustable probe holder
  • 1 × industrial casing
  • 1 × quick start documentation
  • Guarantee 1 year
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Slider Scanner (2-axis)

Manual inspection encoded system designed for at and curved surfaces 6 degrees of freedom. Encoding on 2 axes (C-scan mapping). The encoding case is sliding on a rail which is fixed on the part to be inspected. Magnets or suction cups are available for non-ferritic materials.

This package contains:

  • 1 × MATRYX encoding on 2 axes
  • 2 × wires specific connector adapted to EKOSMART MATRYX
  • 1 × probe gate
  • 1 × carrying case
  • Documentation in french
  • Training
  • Guarantee 1 year
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Wire encoder incremental. Standard linearity of +/-0.20%. Index of protection: IP50. Includes magnets for ease of use. Manufactured by EKOSCAN, compatible with Gekko®.

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Exclusive Content

LYNCS™ Workshop

An advanced modular UT inspection scanner designed to provide PAUT corrosion mapping and PAUT/Time-of-Flight-Diffraction (TOFD) weld integrity assessment, LYNCS takes versatility and productivity to a new level. But don't just take our word for it; check out this overview by our industry experts.


ElbowFlex Scanner

In this Coffee Break with Eddyfi Technologies, NDT expert Michael Monette shares an inspection challenge around corrosion in pipe elbows solved thanks to the ElbowFlex scanner. If you're looking for a better alternative from fully automated scanners that may be too laborious to deploy in the field, this is a must see.


NDT PaintBrush

In this Coffee Break with Eddyfi Technologies, NDT expert Michael Monette introduces the NDT Paintbrush as the answer to good near surface resolution for thin inspection. This overview also addresses other common pain points relieved with NDT Paintbrush. Watch the high versatility of this tool here.