RFT Double-Receiver Probes


  • Dual receiver coils for higher detection close to the external features
  • Both absolute (ABS) and differential (DIFF) signals at each probe ends (Lead and Trail)
  • Onboard 30 dB preamplifiers
  • Uncompromising durability
  • 19-pin Amphenol connector
  • Highly kink-resistant cable


With 4 channels to analyze from, two from the Lead receivers and two from the Trail receivers, the RFT-SDDR offers superior insight next to the external features. Some heat exchangers are built with numerous support plates, causing interference with the standard RFT probes. Moreover, for large tubes with an OD greater than 1.5 inch (38.1 mm), the signal footprint is larger and is more subject to being blocked by external features.

Design with the same robustness as other probes, the diameters under 20 mm are equipped with a stainless-steel sleeve. Above 20.0 mm (0.787 in), the probe’s body is made of light, advanced polymer. These probes are particularly well suited for detecting common defects (corrosion, erosion, wear, large pitting) in ferromagnetic tubing, such as heat exchangers and straight boilers.

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  • Designed to increase Probability of Detection (POD) close to support plates and tubesheets
  • 4 channels can be used for analysis: lead set (ABS/DIFF) and trail set (ABS/DIFF)
  • Waterproof and very resistant to wear