RFT Single-Driver Flexible Probes


  • Easy to use
  • Preamplifier in probe head (30 dB)
  • Highly kink-resistant cable
  • Welded stainless steel head and flexible shaft
  • Uncompromising durability
  • 19-pin Amphenol connector


Remote field testing is the best way to inspect ferromagnetic heat exchanger tubing material such as carbon steel.

Welded on a flexible stainless steel shaft, each driver and receiver modules are designed to be resistant and waterproof to manage a whole heat exchanger U-bend tube in a single pass. It is designed to manage tight bends.

The probes are particularly well suited to detect common defects (corrosion, erosion, wear, pitting) and to inspect the ferromagnetic tubing in feedwater heaters, heat exchangers, and piping.

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  • Optimized for absolute signal analysis
  • Waterproof and very resistant to wear
  • Low friction noise
  • Manage U-bend (180°) radiuses as small as 88.9 mm (3.5 in)

Use the part number finder to see which Eddyfi probes are available or use the Tubing Probe Creator to determine which probes are best for your particular application.

U-Bend defect detection

Unique design allowing to detect defects in the bent sections of ferritic tubes.